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Introduction to Sports in Kenya


Football is by far the most popular sport in Kenya. The second most popular sports in Kenya are rugby and athletics, followed by basketball. The other sports that have a sizable following in Kenya include volleyball, cricket and boxing


Kenya Sports News and commentary

Kenya at the 2023 Africa Boxing Championships

Bottom Up U19 tournament is good but won’t get Kenya to the World Cup

Kenya Rugby loses to Hong Kong 22-18

Kenya rugby loses to Portugal 85-0

Kenya lose to USA 68-14

Kenya at the 2022 Africa Boxing Championships

Kenya’s obsession with hosting events is ill-advised, detrimental

Namibia has beaten Kenya for 30 years and Kenya stubbornly refuses to learn

Why Kenya Basketball lost badly

Kenya edge Algeria 36-33 in a World Cup qualifier

Kenya beats a fully professional Algeria side

Rugby Kenya hammers Uganda 42-7

Mary Moraa puts Kenya back on the 800 metres map

Election 2022: Kenya Sports Fans must make their demands clear

Historic win for Kenya’s 4 X 100m team with national record

Omanyala’s momentous win will open opportunities

Kenya Athletics is in a serious crisis

1987 to 1994: When Kenya took 800m depth to ridiculous levels

Use this opportunity to clean the mess in football

Grassroots football is far more popular the the KPL

Kenya at the 2021 world boxing championships

Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball should benefit from Sport Fund

FIFA is the cause of Kenya’s miserable performance in football

Kenya at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Ferguson Rotich wins his first Diamond League race of 2020

Kenyan women get out of their comfort zones and dominate in Doha 3000m

Kipyegon narrowly misses 1000m World Record

Kipyegon, Obiri, Cheruiyot with impressive wins in Monaco

Wilson Kiprugut: The man who started Kenya’s medal rush

Charles Gitonga’s moment of glory

Kenya ranks 45th in Global Rugby participation per capita

Brookside and Kenya Secondary School Sports Association has lost focus

Kenya Rugby Sevens Gallery for 2019-2020

Kenya Rugby Gallery for 2018 and 2019

Remembering James Maina Boi

Ministry of Sports should not fund teams and Federations that lack transparency

2016 Olympics: Kenya’s best performance yet

Kenya at the 2012 Olympics: Rudisha sets world record, Kemboi gains redemption

2008 Olympics: Jelimo and Lagat first Kenyan female gold medalists

2004 Olympics: Kenya sweeps the steeplechase

Kenya at the 2000 Olympics: Brilliant gold for Noah Ngeny and Reuben Kosgei

1996 Olympics: Pauline Konga first Kenyan woman to win medal

1988 Olympics: 5 amazing gold medals for Kenya

Kenya at the 1984 Olympics: Julius Korir’s moment of brilliance

1980: Kenya’s boycotts Olympics and goes to Liberty Bell Classic

Kenya’s boycott of the 1976 Olympics

Video: 1972 Olympic final: Philip Waruinge vs Boris Kuznetov

1968 Olympics: Kenya emerges as a distance running giant

Kenya at the 1964 Olympics

Kenya finishes second at the 2019 world athletics championships