Kipyegon, Obiri, Cheruiyot with impressive wins in Monaco


After a long layoff occassioned by the Covid 19 pandemic, athletics is back. And Kenyan athletes were back in action with dominant performances.

Women’s 1000m

The rarely run race pits 1500m runners against 800m runners. As such this was a contest between milers Faith Kipyegon and Laura Muir on one side, against half milers Halimah Nakaayi of Uganda, who is the reigning world champion and Raevyn Rogers who won the silver medal in the 800m at the last world championships.

In the end, endurance won. Both Kipyegon and Muir set a pace that none of the half milers could match. Then Kipyegon displayed her extra gear to leave the rest of the field chasing her shadow. She obliterated what was supposed to be a very strong field.

Kipyegon is showing that childbirth did not slow her down. In fact it may have strengthened her. She looks a lot stronger now.

Race Video

Race Results

Place Name Birth Date Nat. Mark
1. Faith KIPYEGON 10 JAN 1994 KEN 2:29.15
2. Laura MUIR 09 MAY 1993 GBR 2:30.82
3. Ciara MAGEEAN 12 MAR 1992 IRL 2:31.06
4. Jemma REEKIE 06 MAR 1998 GBR 2:31.11
5. Halimah NAKAAYI 14 OCT 1994 UGA 2:32.12
6. Sofia ENNAOUI 30 AUG 1995 POL 2:32.30
7. Selina BÜCHEL 26 JUL 1991 SUI 2:35.58
8. Winnie NANYONDO 23 AUG 1993 UGA 2:36.54
9. Raevyn ROGERS 07 SEP 1996 USA 2:37.10

Women’s 5000m

Reigning world champion Hellen Obiri was equally dominant. She was pitted against Sifan Hassan, who set the world alight in 2019, dominating the 1500m, 5000m and 10,000m in amazingly style. Also in the race was Letesenbet Gidey, silver medalist in the 10,000m at the last world championships. With 3 laps to go, the quartet of Wightman, Hassan, Obiri and Gidey had split away from the pack. Then Weightman fell off the pace. Hassan who had been struggling, dropped out with two laps to go, leaving Obiri and Gidey to battle. The duo exchanged the lead a few times, as Gidey tried to shake off Obiri. But Obiri stayed on pace. Then she delievered her signature acceleration move in the back straight and as expected, Gidey had no answer for Obiri’s extra gear. No one does nowadays. Obiri clocked an impressive 14:22.12

Race Video

Race Results

Place Name Birth Date Nat. Mark
1. Hellen OBIRI 13 DEC 1989 KEN 14:22.12
2. Letesenbet GIDEY 20 MAR 1998 ETH 14:26.57
3. Laura WEIGHTMAN 01 JUL 1991 GBR 14:35.44
4. Jessica HULL 22 OCT 1996 AUS 14:43.80
5. Shannon ROWBURY 19 SEP 1984 USA 14:45.11
6. Beatrice CHEPKOECH 06 JUL 1991 KEN 14:55.01
7. Eilish MCCOLGAN 25 NOV 1990 GBR 14:57.37
8. Genevieve GREGSON 04 AUG 1989 AUS 15:38.22
9. Liv WESTPHAL 22 DEC 1993 FRA 15:39.66
10. Alessia ZARBO 11 SEP 2001 FRA 16:09.70
Sifan HASSAN 01 JAN 1993 NED DNF
Winny CHEBET 20 DEC 1990 KEN DNF


Men’s 1500m

Timothy Cheruiyot, who has dominated the men’s metric mile for the past 3 years, was back to his imperious form, holding off a determined effort from Norwegian youngster Jakob Ingebrigtsen to win the race in 3:28.45. In the last lap, the Norwegian stayed close to Cheruiyot and for a while it seemed like he could pull an upset, but in the end, it was Cheruiyot who had an extra gear. A brilliant win for the Kenyan miler who has dominated this event for the past 3 years.

Race Video

Race Results

Place Name Birth Date Nat. Mark
1. Timothy CHERUIYOT 20 NOV 1995 KEN 3:28.45
2. Jakob INGEBRIGTSEN 19 SEP 2000 NOR 3:28.68
3. Jake WIGHTMAN 11 JUL 1994 GBR 3:29.47
4. Filip INGEBRIGTSEN 20 APR 1993 NOR 3:30.35
5. Yomif KEJELCHA 01 AUG 1997 ETH 3:32.69
6. Jesús GÓMEZ 24 APR 1991 ESP 3:33.07
7. Marcin LEWANDOWSKI 13 JUN 1987 POL 3:33.99
8. Charlie DA’VALL GRICE 07 NOV 1993 GBR 3:34.63
9. Pierrik JOCTEUR-MONROZIER 23 MAR 1998 FRA 3:35.00
10. Kalle BERGLUND 11 MAR 1996 SWE 3:35.34
11. Craig ENGELS 01 MAY 1994 USA 3:35.42
12. Ryan GREGSON 26 APR 1990 AUS 3:35.57
Timothy SEIN 01 FEB 1988 KEN DNF
Vincent Kibet KETER 11 MAR 2002 KEN DNF


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