Kenya finish second in IAAF Junior Championships

Kenya edged arch rivals Ethiopia on the last day of the event to finish second in the 2016 IAAF Junior championships. The games were held in the Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak Stadium in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Celliphine Chepsol was in a class of her own

10,000m: Kwemoi controls the entire race

Rodgers Chumo Kwemoi was in complete control of the men’s 10,000m, leading for most of the race and generally controlling the pace. For most of the second half of the race, he was closely followed by Eritrean Kifle and Ugandan Kiplimo . But in the last 150m, Kwemoi switched to high gear and showed the duo a clean pair of heels.

Race Video

Race Results

1 Rodgers Kwemoi KENKEN 27:25.23
2 Aron Kifle ERIERI 27:26.20
3 Jacob Kiplimo UGAUGA 27:26.68


1500m : Kumari Taki in last grasp win

Kumari Taki who won the world youth championships in 2015, replicated his success again when he won the men’s 1500m. But this time he had to fend off a late charge from Ethiopia’s Tolosa by desperately lunging head first to the finish line.

Race Video

Race Results

1 Kumari Taki KENKEN 3:48.63
2 Taresa Tolosa ETHETH 3:48.77
3 Anthony Kiptoo KENKEN 3:49.00

3000m Steeplechase: Chespol with an impressive performance

Celliphine Chepteek Chespol put on what was probably the best performance of the championships when she won the 3000m steeplechase by almost 50 metres.

Race Video

Race Results

1 Celliphine Chepteek Chespol KENKEN 9:25.15
2 Tigist Getnet BRNBRN 9:34.08
3 Agrie Belachew ETHETH 9:37.17

800m: Bett and Tarbei in Kenya 1-2 finish

Kipyegon Bett and Willy Tarbei replicated their success from the 2015 World Youth Championships where they also went 1-2. But this time the order was reversed with Bett winning.

Race Video

Race Results

1 Kipyegon Bett KENKEN 1:44.95
2 Willy Kiplimo Tarbei KENKEN 1:45.50
3 Mostafa Smaili MARMAR 1:46.02

3000m Steeplechase: Amos Kirui continues strong tradition

For the 15th consecutive time, a Kenyan won the men’s steeplechase, an event that Kenya has never lost. This time it was Amos Kirui who grabbed gold.

Race Video

Race Results

1 Amos Kirui KENKEN 8:20.43
2 Yemane Haileselassie ERIERI 8:22.67
3 Getnet Wale ETHETH 8:22.83

Other Results

Wesley Ledama grabbed bronze in the 5000m. He was leading with 150m to go before he being passed. Emmaculate Chepkurui won a silver medal in the women’s 5000m.

In the sprints, Maureen Nyatichi and Geoffrey Kiprotich acquited themselves well but narrowly missed out on a medal with each finishing 4th in the women and men’s 400m respectively.

2016 Medal Standings

Rank Country Total
1 United States UNITED STATES 11 6 4 21
2 Kenya KENYA 5 2 2 9
3 Ethiopia ETHIOPIA 4 2 4 10
4 Cuba CUBA 3 2 0 5
5 Jamaica JAMAICA 2 3 3 8
6 Poland POLAND 2 2 0 4
7 Germany GERMANY 2 1 3 6
8 Pr Of China PR OF CHINA 2 1 0 3
9 Qatar QATAR 2 0 1 3
10 Bahrain BAHRAIN 1 2 1 4
11 France FRANCE 1 1 3 5
12 Belarus BELARUS 1 1 1 3
13 Austria AUSTRIA 1 0 0 1
13 Czech Republic CZECH REPUBLIC 1 0 0 1
13 Great Britain & N.I. GREAT BRITAIN & N.I. 1 0 0 1
13 Hungary HUNGARY 1 0 0 1
13 India INDIA 1 0 0 1
13 Montenegro MONTENEGRO 1 0 0 1
13 Norway NORWAY 1 0 0 1
13 Switzerland SWITZERLAND 1 0 0 1
21 Australia AUSTRALIA 0 3 1 4
22 South Africa SOUTH AFRICA 0 3 0 3
23 Eritrea ERITREA 0 2 0 2
23 Greece GREECE 0 2 0 2
23 Italy ITALY 0 2 0 2
26 Botswana BOTSWANA 0 1 1 2
26 Japan JAPAN 0 1 1 2
26 Romania ROMANIA 0 1 1 2
26 Ukraine UKRAINE 0 1 1 2
30 Colombia COLOMBIA 0 1 0 1
30 Djibouti DJIBOUTI 0 1 0 1
30 Ecuador ECUADOR 0 1 0 1
30 Mexico MEXICO 0 1 0 1
30 Venezuela VENEZUELA 0 1 0 1
35 Finland FINLAND 0 0 3 3
36 Canada CANADA 0 0 2 2
36 Turkey TURKEY 0 0 2 2
38 Barbados BARBADOS 0 0 1 1
38 Belgium BELGIUM 0 0 1 1
38 Estonia ESTONIA 0 0 1 1
38 Grenada GRENADA 0 0 1 1
38 British Virgin Islands BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS 0 0 1 1
38 Morocco MOROCCO 0 0 1 1
38 Moldova MOLDOVA 0 0 1 1
38 Sweden SWEDEN 0 0 1 1
38 Trinidad And Tobago TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 0 0 1 1
38 Uganda UGANDA 0 0 1 1


All Time Medal Table

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  United States 105 69 55 229
2  Kenya 72 62 41 175
3  Russia 43 32 26 101
4  People’s Republic of China 38 44 33 115
5  Ethiopia 34 30 25 89
6  Germany 30 37 33 100
7  Cuba 27 31 19 77
8  United Kingdom 27 25 32 84
9  Jamaica 23 34 34 91
10  East Germany 23 10 18 51
11  Romania 20 18 15 53
12  Soviet Union 18 16 22 56
13  South Africa 13 14 10 37
14  France 13 12 15 40
15  Australia 11 21 27 59
16  Poland 11 16 13 40
17  Bulgaria 11 5 7 23
18  Nigeria 10 13 7 30
19  Qatar 9 4 5 18
20  Finland 8 9 15 32


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Koffi Olomide should have listened to Tabu Ley’s words

Koffi is seen here attacking one of his dancers with a vicious kick

On July 22 2016, Koffi Olomide was deported from Kenya where he had gone for a series of concerts. The reason for his deportation is that he was seen on a cell phone camera viciously attacking one of his dancers (Pamela) with two vicious kicks which happily did not land on target. It is not the first time Koffi has assaulted one of his dancers.

Koffi has in the past said that growing up, Tabu Ley was his favourite musician and inspiration. Well Koffi should have listened to Tabu Ley. Back in the early 1980s Tabu Ley sung a song about domestic violence.The title of the song was : Jalousie mal placee.  In the song, Tabu Ley encouraged women who face domestic violence at the hands of their husbands to leave their marital home and go to their homes.

Song Video

The refrain of the song which prominently features the voice of Kuleta Pom Pom is sung from the perspective of a woman who has experienced domestic violence.

Tika ngai nakende ozali kobeta ngai
Yo olakaki baboti ba ngai okoki kobeta ngai te
Kobeta mwasi ezalaki likambo ya tango ya ba mama
Na tango na biso tokomi na tango ta commission feminine
Oh oh ohh oh
Yee yee yee

Which roughly translates to:
Leave me alone I am leaving because you have assaulted me
You told my parents that you were incapable of assaulting me
Beating women is something that used to happen during previous generations
Today we are in the era of women’s rights.

Tabu Ley sung this song 35 years ago. Here we are in 2016 and Koffi is still engaged in violence against women.

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Kipruto, Kwemoi, Obiri and Kipketer shine in Monaco


As Kenyans gear up for the upcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, a number of Kenyan runners were in sensational form at the 2016 Herculis Diamond League meet in Monaco.

Conseslus Kipruto affirms favourite status in 3000m steeplechase

In form steeplechaser Consesulus Kipruto won the 3000m steeplechase as expected. And as expected, Kenyans commanded the top three positions in this event that Kenya has made its own.

Kipruto who is the current world junior champion, was in the lead for most of the last lap. With 200 metres to go, the evergreen Paul Kipsiele Koech challenged Kipruto and they went neck and neck at the water jump. However with 50 metres to go Kiruto eased away to win.

For Kipsiele Koech, it is his 14th season as a professional racer and he has managed to dip under 8:10 in all 14 seasons which is an amazing feat.

Top Results

1 Conseslus Kipruto KEN KEN 8:08.11
2 Paul Kipsiele Koech KEN KEN 8:08.32
3 Barnabas Kipyego KEN KEN 8:09.13
4 Soufiane Elbakkali MAR MAR 8:14.41
5 Abraham Kibiwott KEN KEN 8:14.84
6 Andrew Bayer USA USA 8:17.39
7 Lawrence Kemboi Kipsang KEN KEN 8:19.15
8 Sebastián Martos ESP ESP 8:19.33
9 John Kibet Koech BRN BRN 8:20.11

Race Video

Asbel Kiprop in shock defeat as Kwemoi triumphs

The men’s 1500m was a strong field that included Mo Farah who has run 3:28 at this distance as well as Olympic champion Tareq Makhloufi of Algeria, Abdi Iguider of Morocco and Kenyans Kiprop, Kwemoi and Manangoi. Conspicuously missing of late is Djiboutian Ayanleh Souleiman who has been a stalwart at this distance over the past two years but whose coach Jama Aden was recently caught in a doping sting.

Kiprop trailed the pacers closely until the final lap bell when he tripped over Abdi Iguider. From that point on Kiprop lost his mojo and appeared listless. Iguider led until the last 100m when Kwemoi made his move to take the lead. Elijah Manangoi once again finished strong but left his kick really late. He finished second.

Top Results

1 Ronald Kwemoi KEN KEN 3:30.49 10
2 Elijah Motonei Manangoi KEN KEN 3:31.19 6
3 Taoufik Makhloufi ALG ALG 3:31.35 4
4 Abdalaati Iguider MAR MAR 3:31.54 3
5 Mohamed Farah GBR GBR 3:31.74 2
6 Asbel Kiprop KEN KEN 3:32.03 1
7 Ryan Gregson AUS AUS 3:32.13
8 Jakub Holuša CZE CZE 3:33.36
9 Charlie Grice GBR GBR 3:33.60
10 Filip Ingebrigtsen NOR NOR 3:33.72


Race Video

Kipketer continues his rise in the 800m

Twenty year old Alfred Kipketer, who surprised many when he won the Kenyan Olympic trials that were held in Eldoret, continued with his meteric rise to the top. He won the race but barely

Kipketer trailed the pace maker Bram Som and continued to push the pace after Som dropped out. At the final bend, he held off Jonathan Kitilit who then faded away. With fifty meters to go, Polish runner Adam Kszcot who won the silver medal at the world championships in 2015, made a  strong move and almost passed Kipketer who won by two hundredths of a second.

Race Results

1 Alfred Kipketer KEN KEN 1:44.47
2 Adam Kszczot POL POL 1:44.49
3 Marcin Lewandowski POL POL 1:44.59
4 Brandon McBride CAN CAN 1:44.90
5 Jonathan Kiprotich Kitilit KEN KEN 1:45.00
6 Michael Rimmer GBR GBR 1:45.38
7 Samir Dahmani FRA FRA 1:45.51
8 Nicholas Kiplangat Kipkoech KEN KEN 1:46.35
9 Luke Mathews AUS AUS 1:47.00
10 Brice Etes MON MON 1:48.73

Race Video


Hellen Obiri impressive in the 3000m

Hellen Obiri, who took the 2015 season off to have a child, has returned to her top form. Obiri who will run the 5000m in Rio, won the 3000m here in impressive fashion. With 2 laps to go, the Kenyan trio of Obiri, Mercy Cherono and Janet Kisa were over 30 metres ahead of the rest of the field. They continued to push the pace and open up the gap with the rest of the field. At the back straight Obiri turned on the after burners and Cherono had no response. Obiri went on to win by a signficant margin

Top Results

1 Hellen Onsando Obiri KEN KEN 8:24.27 10
2 Mercy Cherono KEN KEN 8:27.25 6
3 Janet Kisa KEN KEN 8:28.33 4
4 Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal NOR NOR 8:39.47 3
5 Stephanie Twell GBR GBR 8:40.98 2
6 Nicole Sifuentes CAN CAN 8:46.25 1
7 Katie Mackey USA USA 8:46.58
8 Dominique Scott RSA RSA 8:46.65
9 Dera Dida ETH ETH 8:48.31
10 Gabrielle Grunewald USA USA 8:59.72
11 Rosie Clarke GBR GBR 9:15.04

 Race Video

Other Results

Eunice Sum finished third in the women’s 800m finishing behind Caster Semenya and Francine Niyonsaba. Wambui Nyairera of Kenya who had finished third, was disqualified.

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Its a reversal of the 1980s as Kenya demolish Zimbabwe

On Saturday July 9 2016, The Kenya XV rugby side made history when  they beat their Zimbabwean counterparts aka the Sables by a score of 61-15. One would not expect Kenya to beat Zim by such a scoreline even in Nairobi After all it was only two years ago that the Sables wrecked Kenya’s hopes of qualifying for the world cup by beating them m 28-10 in Madagascar. Zim beat Kenya again 28-20 in the 2015 Africa cup.

Aside from the scoreline, What makes Kenya’s performance even more impressive is the fact that the match was played in Harare. Yet Kenya won by a massive 48 points !

The win will bring back memories of what was a low period of Kenya rugby which co-incided with what was a good era for Zimbabwe rugby. During this period, Zimbabwe went to the rugby world cup twice (1987 and 1991).

In 1987, Kenya played Zimbabwe in the All Africa games. It is the one and only time that rugfby was contested at the All Africa games and it was the fifteen a side version not sevens. On that occassion, Zimbabwe comprehensively  outplayed Kenya winning 44-12. During this period, the entire Zim side was composed entirely of white players and they were much bigger than their Kenyan counterparts. One unforgettable moment that was relayed in new highlights on the Kenya Broadcasting corporation was of a Kenya player attempting to tackle a massive Zimbabwean player, only for the Zimbabwean to drag him several meters and across the try line.

In 1989, Kenya played Zimbabwe in Nairobi again and the gap had increased even further as Zimbabwe won 56-9.  Then in 1993, the two sides met again in Nairobi for a world cup qualifier and again Zimbabwe were a class above Kenya, winning 42-7.

The 61-15 win for Kenya in Harare has reversed what was essentially Kenya’s darkest rugby period when measured against Zimbabwe. When Kenya was pummelled by Zim in 1987, Mad Max Muniafu was in the Kenya national team setup for both fifteens and sevens and may have indeed played against Zimbabwe. When Kenya beat Zimbabwe 61-15 , his son Moses Muniafu was on the field playing lock for Kenya. Rugby has indeed come full circle.

Moses Muniafu (with the ball)

Match Report

Additional reporting courtesy of the Daily Nation

Mwamba lock Dan Sikuta touched down a hat-trick of tries as Kenya Simbas mauled hosts Zimbabwe Sables 61-15 in their opening match of the Africa Cup Division 1A at Police Grounds in Harare on Saturday.

Kenya Harlequin winger David Ambunya and his club-mate Dennis Muhanji crossed the try-line twice each as the 10-try Simbas beat the Sables for the first time at their home turf.

Hooker Max Adaka and Ediwn Achayo all from Kabras Sugar and Strathmore Leos’ Tony Onyango went for one try each as a pushover try in the last minute was given to skipper Brian Nyikuli with no clear scorer.

Kenya Commercial Bank winger Darwin Mukidza completed the rout with four conversions and a penalty as Kenya edged out Zimbabwe for the first time since 2013.

“We asked Lord and you gave us, we are humble and to our fans, no words can express how grateful we are for your continued support and prayers,” skipper Brian Nyikuli told Sunday Nation Sport after the match.

“Our next stop is Namibia and we are confident of another victory.”


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Important win for Kenya rugby XV over Brazil

Kenya pose with the Cup of the Hemispheres after beating Brazil 18-17

The Kenya rugby fifteens side continued with their march up the IRB rankings when they edged Brazil 18-17 in the first edition of the Cup of the Hemispheres’ match at Estádio Olímpico Zerão in Amapa on Friday.

The State of Amapa in which the city of Amapa is found, is in Northeastern Brazil near the border with French Guiana. It was here that Kenya staged a dramatic comeback, coming back from a 14-0 deficit to take the lead at 15-14 thanks to a tries by David Ambunya and lock Simon Muniafu who is the son of 1980s rugby legend “Mad” Max Muniafu. Just when they thought they were home safe, Brazil took the lead again at 17-15 before a Darwin Mukidza penalty snatched a late victory for Kenya.

The last time Kenya played Brazil in fifteen-a-side rugby was in 2011 in Dubai. That was also a nail-biting encounter which Kenya won 27-25. Then like now, Kenya was able to use their pace to overcome the bigger Brazilians.

The win is important for a number of reasons. Kenya is currently ranked number 27 in the IRB rankings, 8 places above Brazil. Therefore a loss to Brazil would have resulted in a precipitous drop in the rankings. Instead Kenya will get a slight boost in the rankings. If they continue to rise, they will attract more high profile matches where they can measure their strength against teams from Europe and the Americas. It is also a morale booster and a confidence builder as Kenya continues to work towards qualifying for the 2019 world cup.

1 Lucas Abud, 2 Wilton Rebolo, 3 Caique Silva, 4 Cléber Dias, 5 Luiz Vieira, 6 André Arruda, 7 João Luiz da Ros (capt.), 8 Nick Smith, 9 Beukes Cremer, 10 Leonardo Ceccarelli, 11 Guilherme Coghetto, 12 Laurent Bourda-Couhet, 13 Felipe Sancery, 14 Robert Tenório, 15 Daniel Sancery

Replacements: 16 Luan Almeida, 17 Jonatas Paulo, 18 Alexandre Alves, 19 Matheus Wolf, 20 Mark Jackson, 21 Matheus Cruz, 22 Luan Soares, 23 Matheus Estrela

1 Mosese Amusala, 2 Sammy Warui, 3 Curtis Lilako, 4 Simeon Muniafu, 5 Oliver Mang’eni, 6 Mike Okombe, 7 Tonny Owuor, 8 Brian Nyikuli (capt.), 9 Edwin Achayo, 10 Isaac Adimo, 11 Dennis Muhanji, 12 Nick Barasa, 13 David Ambunya, 14 Darwin Mukidza, 15 Vincent Mose

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In Pictures Kenya rugby XV team beats Brazil

Pictures of Kenya’s cliff hanger 18-17 win over Brazil in the 2016 Cup of the hemispheres.
Images courtesy of Brasil Rugby

A large crowd was in attendance

Hooker Sammy Warui prepares to tackle the Brazil prop

Lock Oliver Mangeni contests a line-out

Kenya’s pack matched their bigger Brazilian opponents

Kenya’s line-out misdirection completely befuddles Brazil


The crowd graciously cheered Kenya after the match

Scrum half Edwin Achayo with a tactical kick from a ruck

Team Kenya celebrates after edging Brazil

Kenya skipper Brian Nyikul talks to reporters after the match

Brazil skipper talking to reporters after the match

Kenya team officials pose with the inter-hemisphere trophy

Kenya pose with the Interhemisphere cup after beating Brazil 18-17


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Ferguson Cheruiyot beats strong field, Rudisha struggles

800m runner Ferguson Cheruiyot is currently in the best form of his life. He won the men’s 800m at the Stockolm Diamond League meet, beating a strong field that included compatriot David Rudisha, Frenchman Pierre Ambrose and Adam Kszczot of Poland

It was Rudisha who took the lead after the first lap, leading until the back straight when he was challenged by Ambrose. Rudisha fought gamely to keep his lead until the final straight when he was passed by three runners.

Cheruiyot  turned on the after-burners in the last 50 metres and outpaced them all to win his second diamond league race. The win leaves Cheruiyot as a candidate for a medal in this event at the Rio Olympics.

Rudisha struggled but then again he always seems to struggle in rainy conditions. His form is OK judging by how he wan the 600m race at Birmingham.

“I am a bit disappointed. I came here to run fast but the weather today was not so great, these are not my conditions. I am really in good form so I am a bit sad I can’t run far in these conditions. I still have one race and I know I am in in 1:43-1:42 shape.” he said

Race Video

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Win over Congo shows importance of quality friendlies

On Sunday June-5-2016, Kenya’s Harambee Stars registered their first win of the 2017 Africa Nations cup when they beat Congo 2-1. But Harambee Stars were not just victorious, they played much better than they have played of late, and were the better side against a side that is ranked more than 60 places above them in the FIFA ranking.

Prior to the match, Harambee Stars played two build up matches against Tanzania and Sudan. Though Kenya’s performance was unimpressive. coach Stan Okumbi was not worried. He stated that the friendlies gave him an opportunity to gauge the current form of the players and determine which player combinations work.

“I think the two build-ups played a big role in the result. We came from a goal down in both friendlies against Tanzania and Sudan. That showed the players have a strong character and fighting spirit,” said Okumbi in Sunday’s post match press conference.” said coach Okumbi to the Standard

Indeed the importance of friendlies matches for national teams cannot be gainsaid. These players never get opportunities to play together as clubs do. They only assemble about a week prior to the match. This makes it difficult for a coach to gauge player’s form, work on combinations or build cohesion.

Players need to play several matches together so that they can gain an understanding, gain a measure of cohesion and anticipate each others moves.

In recent years, Kenya has not played any quality friendlies ahead of key matches. Such was the case against Cape Verde, Zambia and Guinea Bissau all of whom Kenya lost to.

“It could have happened in the two leg match against Guinea Bissau, but I didn’t have enough time to train with the players. It was my first time as the national team coach. I think in future, we need to get as many friendlies as possible so that we can build that confidence in the players.” continued Okumbi

And during the nightmare Nyamweya era, Kenya never played any quality friendlies. The only time they played any friendly at all was when there was an opportunity for Nyamweya to make money via agent fees that are paid by agents who organize high profile friendlies.

Indeed in 2014, both Victor Wanyama and Dennis Oliech were vocal in asking for friendlies, both saying it would have been better for the government to help organize friendlies instead of sending the team on holiday to watch the world cup. So Kenya went to Brazil instead of staying at home to prepare. The net result was that they were eliminated by Lesotho from the 2015 Africa Nations cup qualifiers.

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