Kenya Football Gallery for 2018

2019 AFCON Qualifiers

Paul Put his position as Harambee stars coach quit after only 3 months on the job


French coach Sebastian Migne was appointed Harambee Stars coach in May to replace Belgian Paul Put


Spain based Ismail Gonzalez was solid in defensive midfield as Kenya beat Ghana 1-0 to record their first win of the 2019 ACN qualifiers.


Against Ghana, Olunga was a livewire. His pressure resulted in Ghanaian defender Opoku scoring an own goal.


Michael Olunga scored the 1st goal as Kenya beat Ethiopia 3-0 in the 2019 ACN qualifier.


Dennis Odhiambo, Eric Johana and Abud Omar celebrate after Johana scored the second goal against Ethiopia


Skipper Wanyama is congratulated after he scored the 3rd goal against Ethiopia from the spot


Entry was free in the Kenya Ethiopia match.


2018 AWCON Qualifiers

Kenya’s Mwanahalima Adam tussles with a Ugandan defender in the opening round of the 2018 Africa Nations cup. Kenya beat Uganda 1-0 on aggregate.


Tereza Engesha celebrates after scoring against Equatorial Guinea in the second round of the 2018 AWCON qualifiers. Kenya won 2-1 in Machakos but were beaten 2-0 in the return leg


2018 InterContinental Cup

Kenya lost to India 3-0 in the opening match of the 2018 Intercontinental cup. They met India in the final again, losing 2-0


Kenya beat Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) 4-0 in the second match


Clifford Miheso scored the first goal from a free-kick as Kenya shocked New Zealand 2-1 to book a place in the final


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Kenya at the 2018 South Africa sevens

It was new coach Paul Murunga’s second outing. Kenya was still without veterans like Collins Injera, Willy Ambaka, Oscar Ouma and Bill Odhiambo who were not available for various reasons. In a further setback, Jeff Oluoch who had been the leading scorer a weak earlier in Dubai, suddenly left the camp. No explanation was offered



Cyprian Kuto in action against England

Group Stage

England 29 Kenya 12 (HT 12 – 7)

C Kuto 4′,
L Mugaisi 8′
T Mitchell 2′ & 14′
E Agero 4′

Fiji 38 Kenya 7 (HT 24 – 0)

V Onyala 12′

E Agero 12′

France 19 – Kenya 12 (HT 12 – 5)

AO Otieno 2′


Challenge Trophy Quarter Finals

Argentina 34 Kenya 31 (HT 24 – 5)

L Mugaisi 9′
AO Otieno 11′
V Onyala 12′
J Olindi 14′
S Motari 16′

D Taabu 11′ & 13′ & 14′

13th Place Semi Final

Zimbabwe 19 – Kenya 31

J Olindi 2′
D Taabu 5′
D Ombachi 7′
V Onyala 9′ & 11′


D Taabu 3′ & 6′
J Olindi 9′

13th Place Playoff

Wales 26 – Kenya 33 (HT 19 – 12)

J Olindi 1′ & 9′ & 11′
C Kuto 8′
L Mugaisi 13′


D Taabu 1′ & 9′ & 11′ & 13′


Leonard Mugaisi racing away from Dan Norton of England

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Kenya at the 2018 Dubai Sevens

At the end of the 2017-2018 season, KRFU saw it fit to terminate the services of coach Ian Simiyu who had done well during the season. They replaced him with former national team player Paul Murunga who had no previous experience. The team to Dubai was also missing several key players who had featured for the national XV team thus making them unavailable. The net result was a poor performance at the 2018 Dubai sevens where Kenya lost every game.

Jeffery Otieno was one of the few bright spots

Group Stage

Kenya 7s 14 – 35 Scotland 7s
Tries:J Olindi 10′, D Ombachi 16′
Conversions:  J Olindi 10′, B Wahinya 16′

Kenya 7s 17 – 21 France 7s
Tries: D Ombachi 8′ & 13′ , J Olindi 14′
Conversions: J Olindi 8′

Fiji 7s 43 – 12 Kenya 7s
Tries:  S Motari 8′,  JO Otieno 16′
Conversions: E Agero 9′

Challenge Trophy Quarter Finals

Spain 7s 26 – 19 Kenya 7s
Tries: JO Otieno 2′ & 11′, L Mugasi 6′
Conv: J Olindi 2′, E Agero 6′

13th Place Semi Final, Match 33

Japan 7s 26 – 19 Kenya 7s
Tries: L Mugasi 2′ & 15′, D Ombachi 11′


Erick Ogweno
Eden Agero
Cyprian Kuto
Dennis Onkeo Ombachi
Samuel Motari
Alvin Otieno
Herman Francis Humwa
Erick Ombasa
Charles Omondi
Jeffrey Okwacha Otieno
Brian Wahinya
Johnstone Olindi
Leonard Mugasi
Daniel Taabu

Kenya were left mostly chasing shadows

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La vie des hommes by Franco (Lyrics and Translation)


This song was released in 1986 as part of an album celebrating the 30th anniversary of the formation of TPOK Jazz. The album was labeled 30 Ans du success and had two other songs: Ida and Celio. Franco is the lead singer / narrator while the backup vocals are provided by Madilu System.

In past years, Franco was known for composing songs that were largely critical of women. In the mid 1980s however he changed tact and sung songs from the perspective of women. La Vie des Hommes was one the second major composition of this genre.


La vie des hommes (The lives of men: Luambo-Makiadi) is a song in which Franco describes the life of a woman whose husband completely neglects his first wife and children to benefit a second wife. He refuses to eat food prepared by the first wife for fear of being poisoned. He deserts his home and no longer gives the household money to the first wife. Throughout the song, the first wife, known as Marie Louise, laments and asks God why such a fate has befallen her.

Song video

Lyrics and Translation

Africa Music Centre
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Siaya county: Don’t build a stadium with a running track

Siaya county governor Cornel Rasanga announced that his county will be constructing a 20,000 seat stadium. This is a commendable initiative by the governor.

I today presided over the contract signing of the construction of a 20,000-seater capacity ultra-modern stadium at the Siaya County Headquarters. ” he said on his social media pages on October 30 2018.

Prototypes of the proposed stadium were posted on various social media pages.

Rasanga went on to explain the rationale behind constructing the stadium.

The construction will seek to increase access for all Siaya citizens to modern sporting facilities required for quality sports talent development and exposure. The stadium will also provide international sports arena for major national and international events which will attract revenue and create direct and indirect employment opportunities for Siaya County residents. The stadium shall also lend itself to socio-cultural events, gatherings and conferences. ” he continued.

It is refreshing to see that governors are now realizing that sporting facilities can be an economic engine for a county.

He then urged the public to participate in the construction process.
“I encourage members of the public to fully participate in the construction process and frequently report to me the progress of the construction works because these are public funds that must be properly utilised with the vigilance of the members of the public”. he noted

It is with this last point in mind that I would like to point some things out to Mr. Rasanga


1. Running Tracks are expensive to install and maintain

Information that is readily available on the internet indicates that the cheapest running tracks cost US $108,000 to install. This is approximately Ksh 110,000,000. These cheap running tracks usually have a surface life of about 5 years. The cost of maintenance over the 5 years is approximately another Ksh 100,000,000 ! Tracks with a longer surface life cost more.

And the Chinese construction company will be happy to be paid extra money to maintain the running track for 5 years and then install a new one in the future.

2. There is no use for a new running track in Siaya

Athletics events are never ever held in Siaya. Yours truly has followed local athletics for decades an does not recall any significant athletics event being held in Siaya. And this county is not exactly a hotbed of athletics talent.

if no significant athletics events are held here and there is scarcely any athletics talent to develop then why spend money on an expensive new track that will cost a lot of money to maintain?

Perhaps the only athletics events held in Siaya are the secondary school events. These can continue to be held in the grass running tracks that already exist at various schools.

3. There is no return in Investment

In Kenya, nobody pays money to watch athletics. All events are free entry. This is what the public has come to expect. Even global events that are held in Kenya such as the IAAF Junior championships were free entry. Therefore the running track has no chance of paying for itself. In other words, the track will cost a lot of money to install and maintain and yet will not bring in any money.

4. Running tracks ruin the atmosphere at a stadium

The best atmospheres in stadia are created when the players are close to the fans. Installing a running track puts significant distance between the players and the fans. The modern trend in stadia is to completely eliminate the running track so as to put the crowd closer to the players thus creating an electric atmosphere.Such is the case at the Safari sevens event. Putting the fans closer to the players also results in much better sight lines for the fans and a better viewing experience.

In Europe today, stadia with running tracks are no longer used for football. This is because they add an expense for which there is no return on investment and also ruin the fan viewing experience.

Rather than athletics, Siaya county should focus on events that can generate revenue for the county. Football is top of the list. Rugby is another crowd puller. An annual sevens event held in Siaya can bring much needed revenue to local traders.

Do not be conned

The prototypes of the Siaya stadiums that have been posted online certainly do not look large enough to seat 20,000 fans. Below are what 20,000 seats stadiums look like. One without a running track and one witha running track


Ghelamco arena in Belgium


This is the 20,000 seat Restelo stadium in Portugal


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Obiri wins epic battle against Sifan

Hellen Obiri may be the world champion in the 5000m but she was made to work by a determined Dutch-woman Sifan Hassan at the Diamond League race in Zurich.

With a lap to go, there were seven women in the leading pack including two other Kenyans  Sheila Kipkirui and Agnes Tirop as well as the Ethiopian Genzebe Dibaba. Sifan Hassan was first to make her move at the bell. But Obiri passed her at the back straight using a move that typically leaves other racers demoralized. But Hassan still had an extra gear. She chased Obiri down the final curve. With 70 metres left it looked like she was passing Obiri. But Obiri still had another gear left which she used to stave off Hassan.

What a race !

Race Video

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Shoeless Conseslus Kipruto gets last grasp win in Zurich

Some people doubted that Conseslus Kipruto was the best steeplechaser on the planet when he lost a Diamond League race to Evan Jager and Souffiane el Bakkali about a month ago. But after his epic performance in Zurich, Kipruto has now underlined his status as the best. Not satisified with being world and Olympic champion, Kipruto ran a race for the ages. At the 2018 Zurich Weltklasse Diamond league meet, Kipruto ran almost the entire race with one shoe.

El Bakkali had a significant lead with 200m to go. Then Kipruto begun to surge. At the last barrier, the Moroccan still led. Kipruto had to dig deep. He fought tooth and nail and passed El Bakkalli in the last 10 metres. With the win also came the Diamond League title for 2018 and a $50,000 bonus.

“I have big pain. I am injured because I lost my left shoe. That was a mess. But it motivated me to fight as hard as I could. So the race went well.” said Kipruto after the race.

Race Video


Race Results

1 Conseslus Kipruto  KEN 8:10.15
2 Soufiane Elbakkali  MAR 8:10.19
3 Evan Jager  USA 8:13.22
4 Chala Beyo  ETH 8:15.85
5 Nicholas Kiptonui Bett  KEN 8:19.74
6 Abraham Kibiwott  KEN 8:23.60
7 Hillary Bor  USA 8:26.04
8 Leonard Kipkemoi Bett  KEN 8:27.18
9 Benjamin Kigen  KEN 8:27.33
10 Kennedy Njiru  KEN 8:28.68
11 Matthew Hughes  CAN 8:36.69
12 Amos Kirui  KEN 8:38.96
  Lawrence Kemboi Kipsang  KEN DNF
  Mounaime Sassioui  MAR DNF
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The most notable Kenyan performances at the 2018 Africa championships

2018 is turning out to be a succesful year for Kenya athletics After finishing atop the standings in the IAAF U20 championships,   Kenya was on top again, this time finishing atop the standings at the 2018 Africa athletics championships. Kenya’s performance was first class. It is difficult to pinpoint the best performance. So instead this article focuses on the most noteworthy performances.

Kenya’s successful contingent

Bronze for Kenya women’s 4 X 100m quartet

Perhaps the biggest highlight was the Kenya women’s 4 X 100m team. They won the bronze medal, finishing only behind Cote’d Ivoire team that boasted the world’s fastest woman Marie Jose Ta Lou and Nigeria who finished second. The Kenyan quartet of Eunice Kadogo, Millicent Ndoro, Joan Cherono and Frashia Mwangi showed excellent technical skills from start to finish from drive phase, efficient baton exchanges and  finally with all four digging deep to secure a medal for Kenya with a time of 45.58 . Frashia Mwangi ran a storming final leg fending off the South African runner.

The time is slower than the 44.75 that they accomplished at the 2015 All Africa games. Three of them with the exception of Cherono were in the team that finished fourth at the 2015 All Africa games, coming agonizingly close to winning a medal. They deserve to be rewarded.

Their performance brings back memories of the 1980s. In 1984 Kenya recorded its best ever performance in the 4 X 100m when the team led by Joyce Odhiambo won the gold medal. Odhiambo had bagged the silver in the 100m and held the Kenya record at 11.62 for nearly 28 years before Eunice Kadogo broke it in 2015.

Mathieu Sawe retains High Jump

Sawe was outstanding in an event that Kenya has never done well in. In 2016, Sawe became the first Kenyan to win a continental event in this event in 2016 with a jump of 2.21 metres. He went on to retain it with a jump of 2.30m which equals the Kenya national record. In the process he relegated the two South Africans to silver and bronze. The jump puts Sawe among the world’s top high jumpers in 2018 and should warrant an invite to a Diamond League meet.

Winny Chebet wins first ever gold medal

Winny Chebet has had an illustrious running career. She has represented Kenya for 12 years.  She started representing the country when she was 15, running in the world youth athletics championships where she won two silver medals. She has also run in numerous continental events but has never won individual gold. She had won medals in the 4 X 400m, which shows her incredible range / versatility. But she has never given up.

In fact the way she won the 1500m at the 2018 African championships showed her determination and refusal to give  up. In the last 100 metres, she had to dig deep to fend off the two experienced Moroccans (Rababe Arafi and Malika Akkaoui)  who were surging and gunning for the gold medal.  Both Moroccans are far more established in this event and have run in numerous Diamond League meets compared to Chebet who for most of her career has specialized in the 800m.

Samuel Gathimba: Kenya’s most important gold medal

Samuel Gathimba has had an illustrious race walking career. He won a silver medal at the 2014 African championships, another silver medal at the 2015 All Africa games, gold medal at the 2016 African championships and a bronze medal at the 2018 Commonwealth games. However his gold medal at the 2018 African championships is perhaps the most important medal of his life.
His razor thin victory over South African Lebogang Shange was pivotal in enabling Kenya to finish atop the medal standings. Had Shange won, South Africa would have topped the standings and Kenya would have finished second. And Gathimba had to dig deep, winning in 1:25.13, only nine hundredths of a second ahead of Shange who clocked 1:25.24. A very narrow margin for the race walk.

It was tough race, but I had prepared well and had enough endurance to enable me win gold again. I trained in different climate back in kenya, so I was confident of doing well here in Nigeria” said Gathimba

4 X 400m quartet overcomes adversity to win

Kenya had to contend with the loss of experienced quarter-miler Boniface Mweresa who was sent packing from the tournament after he tested positive for a banned substance. But this did not stop Kenya as they not only won, but also won by a large margin and with a superb time of 3:00.92, much faster than has been recorded at this event lately. Kenya last won this event in 2010. After that, the team led by Mweresa had won the gold medal at the 2015 All Africa games, holding off the much fancied Botswana that had a sub 44.00 runner Isaac Makwala as its anchor.

What also made this win great was that Kenya stitched together a team that had a number of runners who do not specialize in the 400m. Haron Koech is a 400m hurdler, while anchor Emmanuel Korir is an 800m runner. The experienced Alphas Kishoyian ran a stormer, putting Kenya firmly in the lead, a lead they did not relinquish when he handed the baton to Jared Momanyi. By the anchor leg, Kenya was firmly in the lead.

Grace Wanjiru: Still going strong at 38

Grace Wanjiru Njue has won the African championships 20km race walk for women an incredible 6 times ! She has also won a gold medal at the All Africa games (in 2015). She also won a bronze medal at the 2010 Commonwealth games. This time she settled for silver after finishing second to Ethiopian Yehualiye Belew. It has been an illustrious career and knowing how determined Wanjiru is, we are certain that she will still come back strong for the 2019 All Africa games.

Other Medalists

The Kenyan women 4 X 400m quartet also shone on the final day, taking silver in 3:35.45 behind the Nigerians (3:31.19).

Edward Zakayo Pingua, fresh from his gold medal at the IAAF U 20 championships, won the men’s 5000m in 13:45.41.

Smooth running Beatrice Chepkoech, fresh from a world record breaking performance, led a Kenya sweep in the 3000m steeplechase. She won in 8:59.85 and was followed home by Fancy Cherotich and Cellphine Chespol.
“I promised my parents that I would go back with gold and I’ve done it,” she said.

In the javelin, Julius Yego who has had a slump in the past two years, reclaimed his javelin title with a second round throw of 77.34 metres with South Africa’s Philmar van Rensenburg (76.57m) taking silver and Nigeria’s Kure Adams (75.69) bronze. It was another important win over a South African that helped Kenya top the medal standings.

Hellen Obiri was peerless when she started Kenya’s gold medal hunt, blowing away the field to win in 15:47.17.
Stacey Ndiwa won the women’s 10,000m, finishing ahead of defending champion and compatriot Alice Aprot. The duo finished well ahead of the rest of the field. Ndiwa was elated.

“After the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, I felt that my speed wasn’t good enough and so I put in a lot of speedwork training in Iten and that’s why you saw me kick so well in the last 400 metres.” said Ndiwa.
In the men’s 1500m, Kenya went 1-2 as expected with Elijah Manangoi taking gold ahead of Timothy Cheruiyot. The latter has been dominant in the Diamond league this season and came in as the favourite.

Conseslus Kipruto continued Kenya’s dominance in the men’s 3000m steeplechase , beating the Morrocaan El Bakkali. Though Kenya has dominated this event in the past, it was not a certainty that Kipruto would win since El Bakkali beat him in their last Diamond League race in Monaco.

Medal Table

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Kenya (KEN) 11 6 2 19
2  South Africa (RSA) 9 13 8 30
3  Nigeria (NGR) 9 5 5 19
4  Botswana (BOT) 2 1 0 3
5  Tunisia (TUN) 2 0 3 3
6  Algeria (ALG) 2 0 1 3
7  Egypt (EGY) 1 3 1 5
8  Morocco (MAR) 1 2 4 7
9  Ethiopia (ETH) 1 2 3 6
10  Ivory Coast (CIV) 1 2 2 5
11  Burkina Faso (BUR) 1 1 0 2
12  Ghana (GHA) 0 1 0 1
13  Uganda (UGA) 0 0 2 2
14  Congo (CGO) 0 0 1 1
 Liberia (LBR) 0 0 1 1
Total 28 28 28 84

List of Medalists

The gold medals were mined through Hellen Obiri (5,000m), Mathew Sawe (high jump), Julius Yego, (javelin), Conseslus Kipruto (steeplechase), Beatrice Chepkoech (steeplechase), 4x400m relay (men), Samuel Gathimba (walk), Elijah Manang’oi (1,500m), Edward Zakayo (5,000m), Winny Chebet (1,500m) and Stacey Ndiwa (10,000m).

The silvers were eked out by Alice Aprot (10,000m), Timothy Cheruiyot (1,500m), Emmanuel Korir (800m), Celliphine Chespol (steeplechase), 4x400m relay (women) and Grace Wanjiru (walk).
Bronze medals were in the 4x100m relay (women) and Fancy Cherotich (steeplechase)

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Kenya top the table at IAAF U20 Championships

Kenyan runners were in scintillating form at the 2018 IAAF U20 Championships in Tampere, Finland. Kenya finished atop the meda; standings with six gold medals.

Men’s 800m: Lekuta and Kipngetich go 1-2

Kenyan men have been dominating the 800m metres in the 2018 Diamond League. The Junior men followed suit at the IAAF U20 championships, thoroughly devastating the rest of the field and underlining Kenya’s dominance in this event.

1 457 Solomon Lekuta  KEN 1:46.35
2 454 Ngeno Kipngetich  KEN 1:46.45
3 153 Eliott Crestan  BEL 1:47.27
4 262 Adisu Girma  ETH 1:47.58
5 393 Simone Barontini  ITA 1:51.08
6 293 Alex Botterill  GBR 1:51.64
7 307 Markhim Lonsdale  GBR 1:57.39
102 Oussama Cherrad  ALG DQ

Men’s 1500m: Manangoi wins with a strong finish

George Manangoi, the younger brother to world championship silver medalist, Elijah Manangoi won the men’s 1500m with a strong finish. Ethiopian Samuel Tefera, who is world indoor champion and who also won the world U18 championships in Nairobi last year, was the hot favourite. With 300m to go, it looked like Tefera was going to run away with it. That was before Justus Soget of Kenya made his move with 250m to go. Soget has a superb personal best of 3:32.X and was Kenya’s main hope. However he too started to fade down the stretch. At the same time Manangoi who had looked out of sorts in the back straight, made his move and won with a strong finish. The highly touted Norwegian, Jakob Ingebrigtsen finished second, thus living up to his billing


1 458 George Meitamei Manangoi  KEN 3:41.71
2 503 Jakob Ingebrigtsen  NOR 3:41.89
3 462 Justus Soget  KEN 3:42.14
4 305 Jake Heyward  GBR 3:43.76
5 265 Samuel Tefera  ETH 3:43.91
6 563 Elzan Bibic  SRB 3:44.65
7 102 Oussama Cherrad  ALG 3:45.17
8 504 Sondre Juven  NOR 3:45.40
9 264 Birhanu Sorsa  ETH 3:45.47
10 658 Cooper Teare  USA 3:46.18
11 128 Callum Davies  AUS 3:46.35
12 498 Robin van Riel  NED 3:48.65


Chebet ends Ethiopian dominance.

Ethiopian women have dominated this event, winning it the last 5 times, often going 1-2 with Kenya typically settling for the bronze medal. However Beatrice Chebet seemed determined to break this mold. The leading pack of two Kenyans, two Ethiopians and a Ugandan stayed together until 300 metres were left when the pack was broken leaving Chebet and Ejgayehu Taye of Ethiopia to battle for gold. Taye led until 150m were left when Chebet made her move. But Taye would not easily give up the gold battling Chebet all the way to the end. All three medalists ran personal bests.

It was a coming out party for Chebet whose performance in international competitions had not been impressive this far. She finished 4th in the IAAF World U18 championships held in Nairobi and 10th in the African cross country championships.


1 1800 Beatrice Chebet  KEN 15:30.77 P
2 1655 Ejgayehu Taye  ETH 15:30.87
3 1650 Girmawit Gebrzihair  ETH 15:34.01
4 1929 Sarah Chelangat  UGA 15:43.01
5 1807 Hellen Ekarare Lobun  KEN 15:45.07
6 1625 Dolshi Tesfu  ERI 15:52.84
7 1795 Tomomi Musembi Takamatsu  JPN 15:55.74
8 1959 Cailie Logue  USA 15:56.00
9 1972 Emily Venters  USA 15:59.05
10 1592 Yanli Zhao  CHN 16:17.64
11 1574 Marie-Lyssa LaFontaine  CAN 16:36.43
12 1938 Bohdana Semyonova  UKR 16:45.45
13 1532 Clio Ozanne-Jaques  AUS 16:46.75
14 1792 Miku Moribayashi  JPN 17:08.55


3000m Steeplechase: Redemption for Chespol

Earlier this year, Cellphine Chespol was the hot favourite to win the gold medal at the Commonwealth games. However she and her team-mates must have under-rated the Jamaican Aisha Praught. The Jamaican ended up shocking the Kenyans by winning gold.

This time Chespol made no such mistakes. She was under no illusions because it was a strong field that included other Diamond League regulars like Kenyan born Bahraini Winfried Mutile Yavi and Ugandan Peruth Chemutai.

It was the Ugandan who led for most of the race with Chespol following close by to cover all her moves. Chespol finally made her move surging to the front with three laps to run and cranking the pace up further as she clicked through 2000m in 6:15.04.


1 1803 Celliphine Chepteek Chespol  KEN 9:12.78 CR
2 1931 Peruth Chemutai  UGA 9:18.87
3 1557 Winfred Mutile Yavi  BRN 9:23.47
4 1801 Mercy Chepkurui  KEN 9:43.65
5 1642 Agrie Belachew  ETH 9:44.79 SB
6 1654 Ethlemahu Sintayehu  ETH 9:50.96 PB
7 1952 Alice Hill  USA 9:57.04 PB
8 1709 Lisa Oed  GER 9:57.45 PB
9 1793 Manami Nishiyama  JPN 10:00.49
10 1948 Kristlin Gear  USA 10:00.99
11 1573 Grace Fetherstonhaugh  CAN 10:02.28
12 1926 Derya Kunur  TUR 10:03.46
13 1529 Montanna McAvoy  AUS 10:06.37
14 1715 Lisa Vogelgesang  GER 10:07.67
15 1525 Brielle Erbacher  AUS 10:16.84

5000m: A measure of revenge for Zakayo Pingua

Coming into this race, Solomon Barega was the firm favourite, He had beaten the Kenyan duo if Zakayo and Waithaka at the IAAF U18 championships in Nairobi. Also in the race was highly rated Norwegian Jakob Ingebrigtsen who had already won a silver medal in the 1500m. Then there was the Ugandan Jacob Kiplimo who won the bronze medal in this same event in 2016 and won the junior race at the 2017 world cross country championships.

Barega was leading at the bell before Withaka made his move followed by Ingebrigtsen . Zakayo appeared out of the race at the back straight. But he turned on the jets with 50 metres to go and went from 4th place to 1st place.


1 464 Edward Zakayo Pingua KEN KEN 13:20.16
2 463 Stanley Waithaka Mburu KEN KEN 13:20.57
3 503 Jakob Ingebrigtsen NOR NOR 13:20.78 AU20R
4 257 Selemon Barega ETH ETH 13:21.16
5 259 Telahun Haile Bekele ETH ETH 13:23.24
6 626 Jacob Kiplimo UGA UGA 13:23.35
7 621 Oscar Chelimo UGA UGA 14:00.68
8 563 Elzan Bibic SRB SRB 14:15.37
9 225 Kokob Ghebru ERI ERI 14:23.49
10 658 Cooper Teare USA USA 14:24.30
11 502 Simen Halle Haugen NOR NOR 14:25.37
12 234 Aarón Las Heras ESP ESP 14:30.09
13 327 Mohamed Mohumed GER GER 14:30.81
14 545 Adrian Garcea ROU ROU 14:33.21 PB
15 218 Idleh Aden DJI DJI 14:33.35 PB

10,000m: Rhonex Kipruto in a class of his own

Rhonex Kiprono had no challengers in this race. He ran most of the second half of the race on his own. In the process he ended up finishing 19 seconds ahead of his closest competitor. He clocked 13:23.86 for the final 5000m which is an impressive time. In fact would have powered him to victory in all but four of the 16 previous 5000m title races contested at these championships. He also set a new personal best by 29 seconds and broke the previous championship record by almost 5 seconds.

1 455 Rhonex Kipruto  KEN 27:21.08
2 626 Jacob Kiplimo  UGA 27:40.36
3 255 Berihu Aregawi  ETH 27:48.41
4 452 Solomon Kiplimo Boit  KEN 27:57.44
5 253 Olika Adugna  ETH 28:39.67
6 625 Victor Kiplangat  UGA 28:42.77
7 225 Kokob Ghebru  ERI 28:59.31
8 226 Robel Sibhatu  ERI 29:44.59
9 445 Takuro Miura  JPN 30:12.25
10 100 Saber Abed  ALG 30:14.82
11 390 Eshetu Worku  ISR 30:28.25
12 376 Kartik Kumar  IND 30:30.28
13 358 István Palkovits  HUN 30:35.87
14 202 Walter Alfonso Martín López  COL 30:46.37
15 239 Eduardo Menacho  ESP 30:52.26


Other Kenyan performances

In the women’s 400m, Mary Moraa won her opening heat in a personal best of 52.85. In the semi-finals, she finished second in 52.98 which enabled her to reach the finals. In the final, she clocked 52.98 to finish in  5th position. It was a creditable performance in an event that Kenyan women rarely participate in. Moraa has a bright future and a strong candidate to win gold at the next All Africa games.

Other Kenyan medalists were Miriam Cherop who won silver in the women’s 1500m. Leonard Bett won the silver medal in the men’s 3000m steeplechase.

Final Medal Table

Rank Country Total
1  KENYA 6 4 1 11
2  JAMAICA 4 5 3 12
3  UNITED STATES 3 8 7 18
4  ETHIOPIA 3 2 4 9
5  GREAT BRITAIN & N.I. 3 1 3 7
6  SOUTH AFRICA 3 0 1 4
7  AUSTRALIA 2 3 0 5
8  JAPAN 2 2 2 6
9  GERMANY 2 0 2 4
10  MEXICO 2 0 0 2
11  CUBA 1 1 3 5
12  UKRAINE 1 1 1 3
13  BELARUS 1 1 0 2
13  PR OF CHINA 1 1 0 2
13  SWEDEN 1 1 0 2
16  BELGIUM 1 0 1 2
16  GREECE 1 0 1 2
18  INDIA 1 0 0 1
18  CZECH REPUBLIC 1 0 0 1
18  CANADA 1 0 0 1
18  MOLDOVA 1 0 0 1
18  NEW ZEALAND 1 0 0 1
18  BULGARIA 1 0 0 1
18  ITALY 1 0 0 1
18  INDONESIA 1 0 0 1
26  IRELAND 0 2 0 2
26  UGANDA 0 2 0 2
28  FRANCE 0 1 2 3
29  NORWAY 0 1 1 2
29  ECUADOR 0 1 1 2
29  BRAZIL 0 1 1 2
32  FINLAND 0 1 0 1
32  TURKEY 0 1 0 1
32  ROMANIA 0 1 0 1
32  QATAR 0 1 0 1
32  AUSTRIA 0 1 0 1
37  SWITZERLAND 0 0 4 4
38  POLAND 0 0 2 2
39  COLOMBIA 0 0 1 1
39  GUATEMALA 0 0 1 1
39  BAHRAIN 0 0 1 1
39  NETHERLANDS 0 0 1 1
39  CHILE 0 0 1 1


Mens 800m

Men’s 1500m


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Kenya failed to host CHAN yet MPs went joyriding to the world cup

Senator Millicent Omanga at the world cup

Twenty Kenyan MPs and Senators traveled to Russia to watch the world cup. The trip was fully funded by the Kenyan tax payer. Everything from airline tickets to accomodation, match tickets, food and a hefty daily allowance was paid of by the tax payer. This according an exposee in the Star newspaper.

Among the MPs who traveled are Victor Munyaka (Machakos Town) who chairs the Sports committee, Wafula Wamunyinyi ( Kanduyi), Sylvanus Maritim (Ainamoi), Cleopha Malala ( Kakamega), Aaron Cheruyiot ( Kericho) and Judy Pareno and Peter Kaluma (Homa Bay Town).

Senators were to be led by Johnson Sakaja (Nairobi) but he cancelled his travel to deal with other issues affecting Nairobi.

Senate Clerk Jeremiah Nyegenye who is also the CEO of the Parliamentary Service Commission that determines the responsibilities and remuneration of legislators, defended the trip as official benchmarking to give MPs first-hand experience on how to host international tournaments.

“It is their responsibility to understand sports, how to host such international tournaments. This is not a holiday and it is too simplistic to look at it as a joyrider mission,” Nyengenye said

According to the Star newspaper, the trip will cost the Kenyan taxpayer US$ 450,000 (Ksh 45 million).

All this at a time when Kenya was unable to host the CHAN tournament because the Confederation of African football deemed Kenyan stadia inadequate.

Not only that but Kenyan clubs like Gor Mahia often have to foot their own bills when they travel to represent Kenya. And national teams such as the Kenya women’s basketball teams have in the past been forced to travel to distant venues such as Kigali, Rwanda by road.

And to cap it all off, Kenya is unlikely to qualify for the world cup anytime soon because the government has not seen it fit to set up football academies to tap young talent and train them.


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