Dessin Anime by Koffi Olomide (Lyrics)

This is song from the 1997 album Ultimatum, one of Koffi’s highly acclaimed album. It is a duet featuring Koffi and Mukangi Deyess. As with all the Ultimatum videos, this video was shot at Safari park in Nairobi.

Elelo ya rivale ekopesaka malili na mokongo
Lelo nga na yo vis a vis miso
Emonite oyo matoyi eyokaki
Oza n’oko nkoyi ya dessin anime

Tango ezalite yo ngai bombanda
Tembe na yo na ba mobali natikeli
Liberer memoire na yo na ba idee
Ya mabe contre ngai

Mangiliya y’opposant ekopesaka
Malili na mokongo
Ielo nga n’o vis a vis miso emonite
Oyo matoyi eyokaki

Oza n’o nkoyi ya dessin anime
Temps ezalite yo na ngai bombanda
Tembe na yo na chokoro na suoleli yo
Libere conscience na nga na ba
Idee ya mabe contre ngai

Sambuluma mbulluma mama, sambuluma ah
Sambuluma mbulluma mama, sambuluma ah
Komangai komanga na monoko na yo oh
Komangai komanga na monoko na yo oh

Echelon naga naza a ata un jour okokoma te
Po na na l’an 2000 ba sorte na yo va fan coul
Tala tala eyeli kokosa moto azo tala ye
Nzoka nde illusion realite eza autrement

Soki olotaki ndoto obonguani bella bellow
To princesse de monaco pongi ekosi yo
Mbeto olalaki ezali ya yo te ya location
Mama zela jour bakolinga yo ee lokola nga aaah ah

Mwana suka epayi ozali banganga
Po mobali olinga alelanga na tenor
Soki ozalakite mokolo nzambe akabolaki kitoko
Probleme nanga te e

Sambuluma mbulluma mama, sambuluma ah
Sambuluma mbulluma mama, sambuluma ah
Komangai komanga na monoko na yo oh
Komangai komanga na monoko na yo oh

Boni okomi kosala mosala ya sorcier
Olobaki oza marabout
Boni okomi kosala mosala ya sorcier
Olobaki oza marabout

Mbisi atiaki lofundu na mayi
Andimakite akosuka likayabu
Mbongo ya libende makelele ebele
Kasi valeur moke e e ehh

Yo na ndenge na yo nga na
Ndenge na nga
Boni na nga muana ya bosako

Kuna eza awa te di
Quartier Latin, Mokili mobimba quoi
Tutu Roba !
Eh Yo Oyebi

Probleme na yo eza boluka ko

Vivre au dessus de tes moyens
Apprence ekosala souvent le
Chien aboie mais la caravane
Passera a

Kidiba aa kolo oh kosa kosa na yo liboma
Valeus na ngai sala semblant yako ignorer
Verite na bibie ezali se moko ee
Zongela ndako ya nzambe mawa na yo oh

Desinfecter motema na yo na mayi ya nkamba
Pe senga nzambe confession pe pardon
Likunya mabe moninga soki ozui
Eza etoile na ye

Nzete oyo bamata ye
Kaza yango nde bakitelaka
Moteti nguba batalaka ye na
Monoko te kasi na mosala
Ekenge fait l’homme


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5 Kenyans among overall diamond league winners

The 2014 overall diamond league winners pose with IAAF chief Lamine Diack

The 2014 Diamond league ended during the week of September 6 in Brussels. Five Kenyans were among the overall winners having gathered enough points to win their respective categories. The win comes with a bonus prize of $40,0000.

Silas Kiplagat

He has been in the shadow of Asbel Kiprop for the past four years. But this year he emerged from thatr shadow to upstage Kiprop who has been erratic this year. Perhaps Kiprop is still suffering from the after-effects of being arrested for getting in a bar fight during the pre-season.

However Kiplagat was far from dominant. He would race really well in one race to win in grand style then finish 5th in the next. Kiplagat did however run the fastest time of the season at 3:27.64. The top 3 fastest times of the year were recorded by Kenyans including Asbel Kiprop and newcomer Ronald Kwemoi.

Caleb Ndiku

Ndiku was a refreshing revelation on 2014. This race had been dominated by the Ethiopians in 2013. Ndiku however upstaged them. Ndiku is far more consistent than his compatriot Edwin Soi has won several races but suffers from inconsistency. Ndiku capped a glorious year by winning gold at the commonwealth games.

Jairus Birech

Jairus Birech dominated the 3000m steeplechase throughout the year in a manner that no one else dominated any other race. Not only did he win every single diamond league race, but he won them by huge margins, in many case by as much as 50 metres. The only loss he suffered came in the commonwealth games when compatriot Jonathan Muia Ndiku surprised him by creating a huge unassailable lead.

Birech is a worthy heir to the legendary Ezekiel Kemboi who hardly raced in the diamond league this season and may be on the way to retirement. Nevertheless Kemboi has established himself as a legend and perhaps the most consistent steeplechaser Kenya has ever produced.

One dissapointing aspect of this race is the sudden fall in performance of youngstar Conselus Kipruto who ran very well in 2013 at age 19 and on several occasions came close to beating Kemboi.

 Eunice Sum

Sum had been in imperious form ever since she won the world championships in 2013. And she started the season with a bang, winning her first three diamond league races. However she started to run out of steam as the season progressed. She will need to work on her strength. In fairness to her, she did participate in the commonwealth games and the African championships, both of which she won gold.

Mercy Cherono

She was perhaps the revelation of the season both on and off the track. The radiant Cherono won an event in which the Ethiopians are typically difficult to beat. And she capped off her performance with a gold medal at the commonwealth games. Cherono was also sensational over the shorter 3000m distance.

Complete list of 2014 Diamond League winners

100m – Justin Gatlin (USA)
200m – Alonso Edward (PAN)
400m – LaShawn Merritt (USA)
800m – Nijel Amos (BOT)
1500m – Silas Kiplagat (KEN)
5000m – Caleb Ndiku (KEN)
3000m steeplechase – Jairus Birech (KEN)
110m hurdles – Pascal Martinot-Lagarde (FRA)
400m hurdles – Michael Tinsley (USA)
High jump – Mutaz Essa Barshim (QAT)
Pole vault – Renaud Lavillenie (FRA)
Long jump – Godfrey Mokoena (RSA)
Triple jump – Christian Taylor (USA)
Shot put – Reese Hoffa (USA)
Discus – Piotr Malachowski (POL)
Javelin – Thomas Rohler (GER)

100m – Veronica Campbell-Brown (JAM)
200m – Allyson Felix (USA)
400m – Novlene Williams-Mills (JAM)
800m – Eunice Sum (KEN)
1500m – Jenny Simpson (USA)
5000m – Mercy Cherono (KEN)
3000m steeplechase – Hiwot Ayalew (ETH)
100m hurdles – Dawn Harper-Nelson (USA)
400m hurdles – Kaliese Spencer (JAM)
High jump – Mariya Kuchina (RUS)
Pole vault – Fabiana Murer (BRA)
Long jump – Tianna Bartoletta (USA)
Triple jump – Caterine Ibarguen (COL)
Shot put – Valerie Adams (NZL)
Discus – Sandra Perkovic (CRO)
Javelin – Barbora Spotakova (CZE)

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Les Rumeurs by Franco (Translated)

This was one of Franco’s very last songs. Though he recorded it before he passed away, it was released in 1992, three years after Franco’s passing. Franco recorded the song during the period when he had become overcome by illness, had lost almost half his weight. His thunderous bass voice had become a shell of its former self. The media and Zaireans in general had a field day speculating and rumour mongering about Franco’s illness and his impending death. Franco was very bitter about all the rumour mongering and hence he composed this song.


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Kenyans still waiting for Minister Wario to take action

On August 3, Kenya’s national team Harambee Stars suffered a devastating loss to minnows Lesotho. Devastating because the Harambee stars because they had an excellent chance of qualifying for the 2015 Africa Nations cup, something they had not done since 2004. The public had high expectations as evidenced by the large crowd that attended the match.

In the aftermath of the match , Hassan Wario, the minister in charge of sports promised long suffering Kenyan fans swift action. Some Kenyans even thought the government would dissolve the FKF, something many Kenyans would welcome.

“The Government will stop “at nothing” in its quest to improve the standards of football in Kenya from how it is run in the office and played on the pitch.” said Wario

Wario also reiterated his earlier announcement that his Ministry is on course to release a comprehensive statement on the way forward for the sport of football “within the next week”.

“We are disappointed with the current standards and especially Harambee Stars’ recent performance. It is time to re-look at that sport in detail and if something is wrong, we will stop at nothing to correct it,” Wario said on TV.

We emphasize the promise to make a statement in one week because it has now been one month and Wario has done nothing. This unfortunately has been typical of his tenure as sports minister.

Endless humiliations

Harambee stars fans have been a dejected lot

Meanwhile Kenyan fans and players continue to suffer under the incompetence of the FKF. Kenya was presented with what is probably the best chance they have been given to qualify for the AFCON. Nyamweya and his team should have taken the opportunity with both hands and ensured adequate preparations for the team including quality friendlies and maybe even training camps overseas. No such thing happened. In fact Kenya’s preparations were shambolic as described by CECAFA chairman Nicholas Musonye.

“It is a disaster for Kenya to be out of top-flight international football until 2017. But their preparations for Lesotho were shambolic, a total joke and it was no wonder we are out, he lamented. ”

There was the aborted friendly with Sudan which was cancelled at the last minute after the players had travelled to Khartoum.

Nyamweya has blamed the lack of funds for his failure to run the national team adequately.

“The government should allocate and set aside finances for the national team like in other countries,” the controversial boss criticized, “ it should actually be included in the budget because it takes 100 million Kenya shillings to run the national team annually which is very expensive.”

However it must be said that if Nyamweya is incapable of raising funds for the national team, then he should do the honorable thing, step aside and let someone who can get more sponsorship run the federation. In fact it is likely that sponsors will come on board if the federation was run by a person who is seen as more trustworthy.

But the loss to Lesotho is not the only embarrassment that Nyamweya has subjected  Kenyans to. Remember Kenya was also humiliated by Burundi at the 2013 CHAN. Kenya has withdrawn from virtually every youth tournament and youth development is basically in-existent.

There was the embarrassing scenes at the CECAFA senior challenge cup where teams were locked in their rooms for non-payment of bills. Some like Zanzibar vowed never to play in Kenya again. There was the debacle with French coach Henri Michel who was also thrown out of his hotel due to non-payment.

How much longer will Kenyans wait before Minister Wario comes through on his promise of doing something to bring and end to the constant barrage of humiliations that Kenya football fans suffer ?

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Birech dominates as Mercy Cherono wins $50,000

Jairus Birech has had a phenomenal season

There were plenty of upsets at the Brussels Diamond league meet which is the penultimate meet in the Diamond league for 2014. Most Kenyan fans expected the Kenyan contingent to wrap up their 2014 campaign. But it was not to be as the top Kenyans like Eunice Sum, Asbel Kiprop and others fell to upstarts. The losses can be explained by fatigue. It has been a long season for most of the Kenyan contingent. Most of them ran several rounds in the Commonwealth games then repeated the same at the African championships. However their were some redeeming moments specifically from steeplechaser Jairus Birech and by Mercy Cherono in the 3000m. In otherraces, two Kenyans who showed a lot of promise: Conselus Kipruto and Timothy Kitum continued with their inexplicable loss of form.

Jairus Birech runs first sub 8:00 minute steeplechase of the year

Jairus Birech has thoroughly and utterly dominated the steeplechase this season. This Friday in Brussels was no different except that he became the first person to break the 8 minute barrier this season and the 11th person to do so in the history of the race. He finished in a time of 7:58.41

In 2012 and 2013, Conselus Kipruto looked like the heir apparent to the legendary Ezekiel Kemboi. This year however he has fallen far short of expectations. In this race he finished a distance 5th in 8:16.90, behind two Americans including Evan Jager who broke the American record. Hillary Yego, another Kenyan who showed promise in the past ended up 7th. Kenyans will be hoping that Yego and Kipruto can rediscover their form from 2013.

Mercy Cherono wins $50,000

One runner who did not let fatigue get in the way was Commonweath games champ Mercy Cherono. She uncorked a 60 second last lap to beat a strong field in the 3000m. The field included Ethiopia’s Genzebe Dibaba who set world records at the Indoor versions of this event earlier in the season.

Also competing was new mile sensation Sifan Hassan who represents the Netherlands having gone their as a refugee from Ethiopia. Sifan was second, Dibaba third while Americans Jenny Simpson and Shannon Rowbury were 4th and 5th.

With the win, Cherono won $50,000 ($10,000 for the win and $40,000 for the season title) as she needed just to be Genzebe Dibaba in this race to win the season title.

What was most impressive about Cherono’s win was the way she passed four milers in the last 100m. Typically milers have a stronger finishing kick than longer distance runners.

Eunice Sum succumbs to fatigue

One runner who is showing signs of fatigue is world champion Eunice Sum. After throughly dominating the 800m earlier in the season, Sum has progressively shown signs of regressing. She has lost her last three diamond league races.

On the other hand, Brenda Martinez, the American who won the race had taken a 2 month racing break after finishing 5th at the American championships. He fresh legs showed in the last 200m as she blasted past Sum and the rest of the field. Sum launched a late comeback and closed the gap but ran out of running real estate. Briton Lynsey Sharp who beat Sum last weekend past her again at the finish line.

Silas Kiplagat celebrates too early and gets pipped

In the 1500m, Silas Kiplagat lost by only 0.02 seconds to Algerian Olympic champ Tarek Makhloufi who won in 3:31.78 just ahead of Silas Kiplagat in 3:31.80

World indoor champ Ayanleh Souleiman was third in 3:32.82. A win by Souleiman would have given him the DL points title and $40,000. Instead, the $40,000 prize went to Kiplagat. Two-time World outdoor, one-time Olympic champ Asbel Kiprop, who would have won the DL title by simply beating Kiplagat and Souleiman and finishing in the top 3, didn’t have the goods in the final 150 today and was just 12th in the 3:34.41. Asbel Kiprop gave up when he realized he was out of contention and jogged the final 50m to finish a dissapointing 11th. It has been and up and down season for Kiprop whose season started with an arrest when he was accused of fighting with a bar owner who would wanted to close the bar while Asbel and his friends were watching the English premier league.

 Timothy Kitum still below par

Another runner who showed a lot of promise earlier was Timothy Kitum. In 2012, as a 17 year old, he won the bronze medal at the Olympics with a superb time of 1:42.53. This was the race in which David Rudisha broke the world record. But Kitum literally fell off the map and did not race in 2013. He is now back on the comeback trail but still finished a dissapointing 9th in the 1000m with a time of 2:18.33. Compatriot Ferguson Cheruiyot was 4th in 2:16.88

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Rudisha dominates 600m as Asbel Kiprop earns revenge

Kenyan runners were in dominant form during the Sainsbury’s Birmingham Grand Prix held on Sunday August 24.

Rudisha misses world record but dominates

In the rarely run 600m race, David Rudisha was going for Johnny Gray‘s 1:12.81 the world’s record (technically called a world’s best as it’s not an official distance). In the end he missed the record but thoroughly and utterly dominated the race thus signaling that he is regaining the kind of form that saw him set world records in 2012.

Rudisha and Cas Loxom of the USA were the only racers who went out hard. The others seemed to forget that this was a 600m race and not the 800m. Loxom eventually faded to last. Rudisha started to tire and crossed the finish line grimacing but still way ahead of second placed Adam Kczot. Rudisha’s time was 1:13.71.

“I thought maybe I’d get a bit closer to the world record and probably (run) 1:12,” said Rudisha with a smile after the race to the BBC. “It’s a little bit tricky (of a distance) as it’s hard to get the first 400 right. It’s very difficult to get the right pace.”

“I felt so good except for the last 100 I felt my leg tiring up,” said Rudisha who added he’d like to try a 600 again in the coming years. “Maybe I’ll be in the world record bracket.”

Asbel Kiprop earns a measure of revenge

In the metric mile (1600m), Asbel Kiprop soundly beat Ayanleh Souleiman of Djibouti, the man who had beaten him to gold at the 2014 Commonwealth games. Vincent Kibet was third with James Magut taking second. Silas Kiplagat who has the world’s fastest time this year was 10th. Not shocking since consistency is not his strong point. When he gets his tactics right he is capable of beating anyone. But he is also capable of shocking disappointment.

The win proves that Kiprop is at his best when he focuses on winning and does not go after world records. In Monaco he lost to Silas Kiplagat specifically because his quest for the world record sapped his strength.

Jairus Birech dominates the steeplechase

Jairus Birech has thoroughly dominated the steeplechase this year in the Diamond League. The Birmingham Diamond league was no different as he beat the rest of the field by a good 9 seconds.

Coming off the final water jump, Birech had the race wrapped up so he waved to the crowd and approached the final barrier. The problem wasHe did not realize he was too closeto the barrier and did not have enough momentum to jump it. So he had to crawl over it, but still won in 8:07.80. Former Olympic champion Brimin Kipruto was a distant second in 8:16.61.

As usual Kenyans thoroughly dominated this race. The top 7 positions and 9 of the top 10 positions were occupied by Kenyans.

There is no event in any sport that is dominated by one country as much as Kenyans dominate the steeplechase.

Youngster Conselus Kipruto looked like the heir apparent to Ezekiel Kemboi when he won the silver medal at the world championships. But this year he has experienced a loss of form. He was 5th in this race.

 Eunice Sum settles for second

Going into this race, Sum who recently won the Commonwealth games and African championships gold medals knew it was going to be difficult, given the presence of American youngster Ajee Wilson who beat her in their last diamond league race.

In the end it was Briton  Lynsey Sharp who beat Sum to 2nd place. It was a reversal of the Commonwealth games when Sum beat Sharp into second place.

Sum is likely tired after having run several rounds in the Commonwealth games and African championships. While Sharp was spurred by the home crowd and looked much stronger down the straight.

Mercy Cherono leads Kenya 1-2-3 in 2 mile race

Cherono, the Commonwealth games champion put behind her poor performance in the African championships to win the women’s 2 mile race in 9:11.49. This is the second fastest time ever recorded in this distance outdoors. Genzebe Dibaba , the Ethiopian who earlier this season set a new indoor world record in the 3000m, did not have enough firepower to match the Kenyans. Viola Kibiwot was second in 9:12.59. Irene Jelagat was 3rd in 9:14.28


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Robert Nyakundi still going strong in Europe

Robert Nyakundi in action for Romanian side


Sharp shooting guard Robert Nyakundi, who first came to fame for being one of the best three point shooters in NCAA basketball is thriving in the European leagues. In the 2013/2014 season, he played for a Romanian side Steaua EximBank Bucuresti

In Romania, he averaged. 14.3 Pts per game while shooting (52% from  2pts range and 40 % from 3pts range. He also shot  82.5% from the free throw line and averaged and 5.3 rebounds in his last season in Bucharest.

Nyakundi graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2012. In his last season at SMU, he was the team captain and led the team in scoring at 14.8 points per game with a field goal percetage of 46.8%. He finished his SMU career as the second best 3-point shooter ever at the school.

The versatile Nyakundi played at positions 2,3 and 4 while in Romania. His first season as a professional (2012-2013) was abbreviated by a injury which required surgery. As a result he missed the playoffs. Last season he also played 6 games in EuroChallenge where his averqged were 10.8ppg and 2.7rpg.

Besides Nyakundi, Liege also signed Boris Penninck, John Fields and , Jerime Anderson.

Liege are one of the top teams in Belgium. They were ranked 4th in Belgian last season. They have won the Belgian cup once and been losing finalist once. They have reached the Belgian championship final twice. They are coached by Italian Fulvio Bastianini

Vital statistics

Date of birth: 24/01/1989
Place of birth: Arlington, Texas (USA)
Height: 203 cm (6’8″)
Weight: 100 kg (220 lb)

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Kenyan sprinters redeem themselves in Marrakech

After a disastrous display at the Commonwealth games in Glasgow, Kenyan sprinters redeemed themselves with a solid performance at the 2014 Africa athletics championships held in Marrakesh Morocco.

Carvin Nkanata wins bronze in the 200m

Nkanata powers his way to bronze

USA based Carvin Nkanata, who started competing for Kenya this year, powered his way to a bronze medal in the 200m behind Wilfried Koffi of the Ivory Coast and Isaac Makwala of Botswana. Nkanata who earlier this year set a new Kenyan record of 20.17, clocked 20.53.

Nkanata’s achievement marked the first time Kenya has won a medal in this event since 1990 when Joseph Gikonyo clocked 20.43 to win gold and in the process set a new Kenya record. Gikonyo had also surprised everyone by winning the 100m while Samson Kitur completed a sweep in the sprints by winning the 400m. And in 1985, Sammy Kipkemboi also won a gold medal in this event with a time of 20.82

Boniface Mucheru takes bronze in the 400m

Boniface Mucheru after the race

Boniface Mucheru managed a podium finish when he took bronze in the 400m with a time of 45.07. The winner was Isaac Makwala of Botwasana who clocked 44.23 while Wayde van Niekerk of South Africa took silver on 45.00.

It is a creditable performance by  Mucheru Tumuti and resulted in a personal best time. And at only 22 years of age, he has a bright future if he receives appropriate support. Two years ago, he won a bronze medal in the 400m hurdles.

It marked the first time that a Kenyan has won a medal in this event since 2004. Yet the 400m is an event that Kenya has done very well in the past :

Gold Medalists:

Samson Kitur (1990)
Kennedy Ochieng (1993)

Silver Medalists

David Kitur (1990)
Kennedy Ochieng (1992)
James Atuti (1979 and 1982)
Sammy Kipkemboi (1989)
Simeon Kemboi (1993)
Ezra Sambu (2004)

Bronze Medalists

Billy Konchellah (1979): He was only 18 years old at the time
David Kitur (1985)
Abednego Matilu (1992)
Simeon Kemboi (1993)
Samson Yego (1996)

Francisca Koki sets new Kenya record and takes bronze

Francisca Koki with her interesting hurdling style, won the bronze medal in the 400m hurdles with a time of 55.84. In the process she eclipsed the previous record of 55.94 set by track legend Rose Tata Muya in 1987. Like most Kenyan women’s sprint records, this one had lasted almost 3 decades since the 1980s was the golden era for Kenyan female sprinters.

And at 22 years of age. Francisca Koki also has a bright future in this event should she receive the appropriate levels of support from AK and the government.

Nicholas Bett takes 400m hurdles bronze

Bett in action during the final

In the 400m hurdles, another newcomer, Nicholas Bett took the bronze medal with a time of 49.03 which was a personal best. South African Cornel Fredericks won in 48.78. Amaechi Morton of Nigeria was second.

Kenya has produced some brilliant performances in this event in past years. Foremost among these was Daniel Kimaiyo who won gold in the 1979 event and Eric Keter who won gold in the 1993 event.

A silver medal in this event came via Julius Bungei in 2004.

Kenya’s bronze medalists in this event include Meshack Munyoro (1982) and Boniface Mucheru (2012).

Kenya Women’s 4 X 400m relay takes silver


Kenya’s 800m legend, Janeth Jepksogei who is an excellent relay runner, teamed up with Francesca Koki , Maureen Jelagat and Jacinta Shikanda to win silver in women’s 4x400m relay in 3:32.26. The Nigerian team won the race in 3:28.87.

Kenya had also won this event in 2010 when Jepkosgei ran a storming anchor leg to pass Senegalese legend Amy Mbacke Thiam.

Kenya Men’s 4 X 400m relay takes bronze

The medal ceremony for the 4 X 400m

The 400m hurdles bronze medallist Nicholas Bett teamed up with Mark Mutai, Solomon Buoga and Boniface Mucheru for bronze in men’s 4x400m in 3:07.35. Botswana won with Nigeria taking silver.

4 X 100m relay

The Kenya 4 X 100m relay team comprised of  Stephen Barasa Solomon Alando Buoga,  TonnyChirchir and  Walter Moenga came within a whisker of winning a medal but finished 4th.


Kenya has a young cadre of sprinters who are showing a lot of promise even with minimal support from the authorities. For Kenya to finish atop the medal standings in this event, they cannot continue to solely depend on the distance runners. The sprinters and field event athletes should be given the neccesary support.

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Kenya 3rd in 2014 Africa Athletics Championships

Kenya finished 3rd overall at the 2014 Africa Athletics championships behind overall winners South Africa and Nigeria. It was a creditable performance by Kenya considering that the distance runners were mostly the ones who ran in the Commonwealth games. But they were able to overcome the fatigue factor to win 7 gold medals.

It was a slight regression from 2012 when Kenya were second and 2010 when Kenya as hosts finished atop the medal table. It also marked one of the rare occasions when Kenya women outshone their male counterparts with 4 gold medals against 3.

Men’s Javelin : Yego adds to his legend

Njue won with a final heave

Julius Yego, fresh from his historic win in the Commonwealth games, retained the title he won in 2012 in Porto Novo Benin with a heave of 84.72 that put him way ahead of 2010 champion, Ihab Abdelrahman Elsayed of Egypt (83.59) and Robert Oosthuizen (77.81)

Ndiku easily wins 5000m

Ndiku won easily

Caleb Mwangangi Ndiku won his 3rd major title of the year 2014. He had World indoor champion and Commonwealth games and now he has added another African title to his collection, having won the 1500m two years ago. In Marrakech he won the 5000m by one-and-a-half seconds, crossing the line in 13:34.27 from team-mate Isiah Koech. Eritrea’s Abrar Osman, the 2012 world junior silver medallist, took the bronze medal. With Ndiku’s superlative form in 2014, he could be the man to challenge Mo Farah in the 2015 world athletics championships.

Yet Another Steeple-sweep for Kenya

Birech, Kemboi and Ndiku after winning the event

Jairus Birech has been dominating this event throughout 2014, winning almost every Diamond league meet. It therefore came as a surprise when he was beaten by compatriot Jonathan Ndiku who surprised him with an early burst. This time Birech made sure of the gold. Ndiku was second and the legendary Ezekiel Kemboi who has dominated this event since 2004 won the bronze.

Sum Leads Kenya sweep in the 800m

Sum, Jepkosgei and Cheruto perform a lap of honour

Eunice Sum led two other Kenyans, veteran Janeth Jepkosgei and Agatha Cheruto, all of whom ran under 2 minutes. It marked the first time that any country has swept this event in the 35 year history of the African championships.

Obiri clinches metric mile gold

Obiri poses with flag after winning the metric mile

One never knows what to expect from Kenyan milers. At the commonwealth games , it was Faith Kipyegon who won gold while Hellen Obiri faded to 6th. This time it was Obiri who won gold with Kipyegon fading to 5th place.

Obiri, the world bronze medallist and 2012 world indoor champion won by almost one-and-a-half seconds from world junior champion Dawit Seyaum, 4:09.53 to 4:10.92.

Obiri has had an up and down year, starting with sensational Diamond league wins in Doha and Oregon before fading badly towards mid season.

Chepkirui leads 1-2 in 10,000m

Joyce Chepkirui who surprised all when she won the 10,000m at the Commonwealth games, repeated the feat again when she won the 10,000m in 32:45.27, which was only 0.01 seconds ahead of compatriot Emily Chebet. The third Kenyan Florence Kiplagat did not start or else it might have been another Kenyan clean sweep.

Joyce Njue wins 5th straight Title

Njue on the podium with Ngii and Tiksa

African record-holder Grace Wanjiru Njue won her fifth African 20 km walk  title in 1:37:04 . Njue 35, who also won a Commonwealth games bronze medal in 2010, finished ahead of Kenyan team-mate Emily Ngii (1:38.12). In third, Askala Tiksa set an Ethiopian record of 1:40:05. The amazing Njue has now been African champion in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014.

Other Kenyan medalists

Asbel Kiprop mis-timed his run and settled for silver in the 1500m. Ronald Kipkemboi took bronze.
Isaiah Koech finished second to compatriot Ndiku in the 5000m
Josphat Bett took bronze in the 5000m
Samuel Kireri Gathimba took silver in the men’s 20km walk.
Carvin Nkanata took bronze in the 200m
Boniface Mucheru took bronze in the 200m
The Kenyan quartet of Mark Mutai, Solomon Alando Buoga, Boniface Mucheru and Nicholas Bett took bronze in the 4 X 400m
Francisca Koki surprised all by taking bronze in the 400m Hurdles

 Final Standings


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Papa Wemba gets married

Papa Wemba has “officially” married his wife of 44 years, Marie Rose. The ceremony was held in the Madiakoko neighbourhood of Matonge disctrict in Kinshasa.

Papa Wemba and his wife Marie Rose who is popularly known as “Mere Amazone” were married in 1970 in a traditional ceremony. They have six children all of whom live in Europe. They decided to have a religious ceremony upon being encouraged by their children.

“It’s a recognition. Marie-Rose and I we decided to introduce us to the church. Children were also encouraged us a lot. We let our heart speak. There are some years Pope Benedict XVI blessed us and even Cardinal Monsengwo prayed for us. It is a recognition to the Catholic Church and to God “, said Papa Wemba in a television interview.

Among those who attended the wedding were popular musicians from left : Nyoka Longo, Reddy Amisi and Simaro Lutumba


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