33 year old Kipekemoi wins Rotterdam in his debut

Ronald Kipkemoi, running in his first ever marathon, won the 38th edition of the NN Rotterdam Marathon on Sunday (8), clocking 2:05:44 at this IAAF Gold Label road race. His win was unexpected given his inexperience and the presence of exprienced runners like compatriot Laban Korir and Abera Kuma of Ethiopia.

Marius Kipserum, the Rotterdam winner in 2016 was the first to make a move. Then it was Kelkile Gezahegn who took the lead and started to surge. he was followed by Kuma and Mule Wasihun.

At the 40km mark, it was Mule, Kuma, Korir and Kipkemoi in the lead. It was then that Kipkemoi powered ahead, leaving the others with no answer.

I have had setbacks in the past, but now I knew I was ready for it,” he said. “My training in Kaptagat was going very well. I expected stiff competition and so it was. First I saw more experienced runners in the front, but in the end I knew I could win today.” said Kipkemoi.

The women’s race was won by Visiline Jepkesho in 2:23:47. She ran solo from the 16km mark onwards, helped only by pacemakers.

“It’s not the time that I expected, but I’m happy with the victory,” she said,


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Longayata and Saina win Paris Marathon

Paul Longayata became the first man to win back to back Paris marathon titles since Steve Brace of Britain did so in 1990. He clocked 2:06:25 to lead a Kenyan 1-2-3 sweep.

Longayata made his forst move at the 26km mark and it was matched by compatriot Mathew Kisorio, who then shot out of the lead pack,  Ernest Ngeno, and Ethiopia’s Yitayal Atnafu. Longayata then made another surge at the 40km mark and was able to shake off his competitors.

“It’s a wonderful day for me. I love Paris so much,” said a delighted Lonyangata

In the women’s race, the winner was Betsy Saina who clocked 2:22:55. The 30 year old Saina was a last minute entry. She is new to the marathon after a lengthy career on the track that included running in the NCAA.

Saina made her decisive move at the 38km mark, opening a small gap over Ruth Chepngetich and Gulume Chala. Chepngetich charged back but Saina was able to hold her off.

“I’m so happy,” Saina said. “Paul (Lonyangata) pushed me a little bit (when he caught up with her). It’s really good to win my first marathon.”

Leading results:


1. Paul Lonyangata (KEN) 2:06:25
2. Mathew Kisorio (KEN) 2:06:36
3. Ernest Ngeno (KEN) 2:06:41
4. Yitayal Atnafu (ETH) 2:07:00
5. Eliud Kiptanui (KEN) 2:08:20


1. Betsy Saina (KEN) 2:22:55
2. Ruth Chepngetich (KEN) 2:22:59
3. Gulume Chala (ETH) 2:23:06
4. Ashete Bekele (ETH) 2:23:27
5. Stella Barsosio (KEN) 2:23:43


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Kenya at the 2018 Hong Kong sevens

Nelson Oyoo on his way to the try-line against Canada

Group Stage

Kenya 33 Canada 10
Tries: S Oliech 3′, A Amonde 6′, C Injera 10′, W Ambaka Ndayara 12′, NO Oyoo 14′
Conversions: Oliech(2)

Kenya 26 Spain 0
Tries: Ambaka(2), Injera, Oluoch
Conversions: Oliech(3)

Kenya 26 Australia 28
Tries: I Minjire 5′, E Agero 12′, LB Odhiambo 13′, A Amonde 16′
Conversions: Agero(3)


Kenya 19 Scotland 12
Tries: W Ambaka 2′, Ouma 7′, JO Oluoch 14′
Conversions: Oliech(2)


Kenya 21 New Zealand 12
Tries: Injera(2), Ambaka
Conversions: Agero(3)


Kenya 12 Fiji 24
Tries: Ouma, Odhiambo
Conversions: Agero


Before taking on Spain

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Nairobi Floods 2018

The floods gave enterprising youth an opportunity to make money

This MP of Parliament was forced to take refuge on the roof of his SUV

Mkokoteni drivers did roaring business transporting the public

The Nairobi-Mombasa highway was closed

The public had to resort to extreme measures to avoid the water

This group would not let the flood waters stop them from sitting down for a drink


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Kamworor invincible at world half marathon

Kenya’s Geoffrey Kamworor won the world half marathon championships for the third consecutive time. The 2018 championships were held in Valencia Spain.

The race started very slow. The first 5km were run at a sluggish pace of 14:31. Then at the 15km mark, Kamworor picked up the pace and ran an incredible 13:01 split between the 15km and the 20km mark. It was at this stage that he shook off everyone else.

The 25 year old Kamworor picked up $30,000 in prize money. He has now won the world half marathon championships three times and the world cross country championships twice. He also won the 2017 New York marathon as if to emphasize his versatility.

Abraham Cheroben, who represents Bahrain, finished second, 20 seconds behind Kamworor. Kenya however lost the team title to Ethiopia.


1 116 Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworor  KEN 1:00:02 SB
2 24 Abraham Naibei Cheroben  BRN 1:00:22 SB
3 56 Aron Kifle  ERI 1:00:31 PB
4 74 Jemal Yimer  ETH 1:00:33
5 72 Getaneh Molla  ETH 1:00:47 SB
6 71 Betesfa Getahun  ETH 1:00:54 PB
7 57 Amanuel Mesel  ERI 1:00:58 SB
8 153 Julien Wanders  SUI 1:01:03
9 161 Kaan Kigen Ozbilen  TUR 1:01:05 SB
10 70 Leul Gebresilase  ETH 1:01:07 SB
11 22 Aweke Ayalew  BRN 1:01:09 PB
12 115 Leonard Kiplimo Barsoton  KEN 1:01:14 SB
13 27 Albert Rop  BRN 1:01:21 PB
14 170 Samuel Kiprono Chelanga  USA 1:01:23
15 117 Barselius Kipyego  KEN 1:01:24 SB


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Nganda Tosalaka fete Lopango Batekisa (Lyrics and Translation)


This song was composed by Lutumba Simaro and was released in 1983. A harmonious choral section is augmented by a typically brilliant delivery by Josky Kiambukuta who is on lead vocals. This song features an excellent interplay between the saxophones and the trumpets.

It was part of the album labeled “Franco Presente Lutumba Simaro”. The album contained three other songs composed by Simaro including a remake of the song Mbongo-Money-L’argent” that was composed by Simaro and delivered by Djo Mpoy.


The song is about a woman who laments the loss of her husband due to rumour mongering by her enemies who have used her owns words against her. She remembers that her husband promised never to leave her and she is sickened by the loss and her sleep is chock full of so many dreams that the witchdoctors cannot explain the meaning of all of them.


Lyrics and Translation


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Oldest evidence of trade and innovation found in Kenya

Scientists on a dig in Olorgessaile, in Southern Kenya have found evidence of sophisticated behavior among populations that existed in this part of the world 320,000 years ago. Such behaviours include  using color pigments, creating advanced tools and trading for resources with other groups of people. These behaviours were engaged in by the ancestors of modern humans.

320,000 years ago represents roughly the period when Human populations were making the transition to Homo Sapien from earlier archaic species, most likely Homo Heidelbergensis. Olorgesailie in southern Kenya, an area filled with layers of sediment dating back 1.2 million years.

The researchers described ochre pigment that produces a bright red color, and is used for body painting or other symbolic expression. The researchers also described tools fashioned from obsidian, a volcanic rock that yields extremely sharp blades. These blades were far superior to the earlier tools made by more ancient human species.

The researchers found abundant evidence that the obsidian was transferred to the Olorgesailie Basin location from sites up to 55 miles away over rugged terrain, leading them to believe it was acquired from another group through trade although it was unknown what was provided in exchange.

“They may have actually been the behaviors that distinguished our lineage/gene pool from other early human species.”

The team discovered pigment materials, a dark brownish color from manganese and bright red from ochre.

“The choice of importing the ochre from a distance rather than using a more common local material which accomplishes the same purpose argues that having a red face or hair or clothing or weapons also carried a symbolic message of some sort,” said paleoanthropologist Alison Brooks of George Washington University and the museum’s Human Origins Program.

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Kenya at the 2018 Canada sevens

The 2018 Canada sevens were held at the BC Place stadium in Vancouver British Columbia.

Group Matches
Kenya 14 France 7
Tries: Oliech, Ouma
Conversions: Oliech(2)

Kenya 43 Spain 0
Tries: Odhiambo, Ambaka(2), Ouma, Oluoch, Owira, Oyoo

Kenya 21 Fiji 24
Tries: Injera, Oluoch, Agero
Conversions: Agero(2), Oliech

Kenya 12 England 0
Tries: Ouma, Odhiambo
Conversions: Oliech

Kenya 24 USA 21
Tries: Ambaka, Oyoo(2), Ouma
Conversions: Oliech, Agero

Kenya 12 Fiji 32
Tries: Ambaka, Oliech
Conversions: Oliech

Jeff Oluoch used his quick feet to find gaps in defences and his arm strength to fend off defenders. Here he is on his way to the try line against Spain


Kenya had beaten Fiji the previous week in Vegas. In Vancouver, Kenya gave yet another spirited performance but lost by three points


Collins Injera, now at scrum-half was inspirational as he led by example with clever incisive moves. He still has not lost his ability to exploit gaps


Skipper Oscar Ouma scored a last gasp try against France to give Kenya a crucial win in the first match of the 2018 Canada sevens


Ambaka in action against France

Dan Sikuta congratulates Oscar Ouma after he scored the winning try in the semis against the USA

Winners Fiji, runners up Kenya and third placed South Africa

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Ruth Jebet in doping scandal

Ruth Jebet, the Kenyan who defected to Bahrain at age 16 is now embroiled in a doping scandal. Although the news has not yet been confirmed, a number of prominent sources have suggested Jebet has tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug, believed to be the blood booster EPO. This according to the Guardian newspaper.

EPO is the same substance that Rita Jeptoo and Jemima Sumgong used and were busted for. They are the most prominent female Kenyan runners.

Jebet’s agent Marc Corstjens, said he had not heard any news of a positive tests. “Honestly I am surprised and shocked. I am absolutely not aware of anything. I tried to reach Ruth but her phone is not answering. I have absolutely no official information.”

Defection to Bahrain

Jebet defected to Bahrain in 2013 when she was only 16. Kenyan officials were taken aback at the manner she had defected and the fact that she was only 16. It sent alarm bells ringing amongst the Kenyan athletics fraternity who now realized that Bahrain was now coming after Kenyans at a very young age. Two months after changing her allegiance to Bahrain, she won the 3000 metres and the 5000 metres at the Kenyan high school championships

Record Breaking performance and suspicions.
Jebet’s performance really started to raise eyebrows in 2016. Prior to thay year, her personal best in the 3000m Steeplechase had been 9:20.55.

Yet at the 2016 Summer Olympics, she became the first Bahraini athlete to win an Olympic gold medal by winning the 3000m steeplechase with a time of 8:59.75 making her the second fastest within the event of all time.

A month later, in Paris, Jebet smashed the 3000 metres steeplechase world record running at 8:52.78. What was shocking about this performance was that it was six seconds faster than the previous record set by the Russian Gulnara Galkina whom many suspect was also doping and was probably part of the recently exposed Russian state sponsored doping program. Also shocking was the fact that Jebet was still in her teens. And finally she had seemingly emerged from nowhere given that her previous personal best had been an unimpressive 9:20.55.

Such a drastic improvement is typically a sign of doping. And coupled with the other three factors mentioned above, it left many athletics fans wondering. Matters went further south when she had a below par 2017 season and finished a poor fifth at the 2017 world athletics championships. Lack of consistency is usually another source of suspicion.

Suspicions cast on all Kenyans.

With another high profile Kenyan busted for doping, the people who hate Kenya’s dominance in distance events now have a lot of ammunition. The Guardian article emphasizes that though Jebet defected to Bahrain, she still trains in Kenya. The article also stresses the fact that between 2011 and 2016, forty Kenyan distance runners failed doping tests

What will become of her Olympic gold?

If the IAAF chooses to strip her of her Olympic gold medal, then the gold medal could go to Kenyan runner Hyvin Kiyeng Jepkemoi who finished second. And Beatrice Chepkoech who finished fourth could be promoted to bronze.

When Jebet won the gold medal, she was given a $500,000 bonus by the Bahrani government. A staggering amount that is 50 times what Kenyan athletes received.


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Kenya at the 2018 Las Vegas sevens

Oscar Ouma in action against Fiji. Kenya shocked Fiji thanks to a try from Amonde after the hooter.

Group Stage

Kenya 14 France 19
Tries: Oliech, Ambaka
Cons: Oliech(2)

Kenya 19 Russia 12
Tries: Oluoch, Injera(2)
Cons: Agero(2)

Kenya 17 Fiji 12
Tries: Injera, Ambaka, Amonde
Cons: Agero


Kenya 12 Argentina 17

5th Place Semi-Finals

Kenya 21 Australia 26
Tries: Oluoch, Odhiambo, Ambaka
Cons: Agero (3)


Collins Injera
Andrew Amonde
Dan Sikuta
Bill Odhiambo
Jeff Oluoch
Willy Ambaka
Eden Agero
Eric Ombasa
Nelson Oyoo
Sammy Oliech
Samuel Njenga
Arthur Owira

Collins Injera who was returning from long term injury, showed his experience, scoring crucial tries


Debutant Jeffery Oluoch tossing a pass to Ambaka during the match against Russia where Oluoch scored the opening try


Ambaka in action against France

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