Maze by Tabu Ley (Translated)

The period of the late 1970s and early 1980s At the height of the rivalry between Tabu Ley and Franco. In 1980, Tabu released this blockbuster of a song called “Maze” about a woman who was a love interest. The release of the song co-incided with Tabu Ley’s first ever tour of Kenya during which he wowed enthusiastic crowds with his innovative stage show and up-tempo beats. The song Maze became such a hit in Kenya that the word “Maze” was incorporated into the local sheng language of Nairobi. And now over 3 decades later, the word “Maze” is still used in Nairobi as a way to express exclamation.

Kitoko etondi yo nzoto maze

Bandeko botala maze na lineti

Bolingo ngai na ye tokanga na libanga

Ongena mafuta wolo na nzoto

Part 2

Maze bakanisi ngai nakanga yo na ndako ya nganga

I love you, baby touch me

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  1. Leys’ song eva sooth my soul,i embrace him now n again by playing all of his music repeatedly! long live TABU LEY!

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