Layile by Franco feat Jolie Detta (translated)

In 1986 Franco introduced a tall, elegant, beautiful singer / dancer with a heavenly voice. Her name was Kamenga Koyabote but she is popularly known by her stage name Jolie Detta. She stayed with TPOK Jazz long enough only to sing two songs: Masso and Layile. But these two songs are amongst the most memorable TP OK Jazz songs.

Below are the lyrics and translations of the second song in that album : Layile.

Jolie Detta’s opening solo

Jolie Detta

Layile translation

Franco’ Opening Monologue

Franco songs

Saxophone Solo

Jolie Detta’s second vocal

TPOK Jazz songs

Jolie Detta Massou

Franco’s 2nd Monologue

Jolie Detta’s 3rd vocal

Franco’s 3rd Monologue

Franco’s final Monologue


Jolie Detta’s last solo

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Author: musica