Kenya boxing results at the 1990 Commonwealth games

Gold Medalist: Heavyweight George “Foreman” Onyango

The 1990 Commonwealth games were held in Auckland, New Zealand. Kenya once again emerged as the boxing champions with 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze. The gold medals came via Joseph Akhasamba and George “Foreman” Onyango. The silver medals came via Abdulrahman Athumani and Nicodemus Odore. The bronze medals came via David “The destroyer” Gakuha and Maurice Maina.

It was a superbperformance by Kenya especially since in those days, referees and judges were blatantly biased against African boxers.

Nicodemus Odore vs Charles Kane controversy

The most egregious example was the final between Nicodemus Odore of Kenya and Charles Kane of Scotland. Odore totally dominated the Scott. At the end, the BBC commentator who was British said” The Kenyan has obviously won this contest”. Odore had left Kane with a swollen eye and also forced Kane into a standing count in the third round. However at the end, the referee raised, Kane’s hand signifying that he had won the contest. The Kenyan corner reacted in disbelief as did the thousands of Kenyans who were watching the bout live on television. In those days, the Kenya boxing team, popularly known as the “Hit Squad” was a big television draw.

Three judges scored it 59-58 in favour of Kane while tow judges scored it 60-57 and 59-58 in favour of Odore, who was then a member of the Kenya Police team. Charles Anjimbi, one of the Kenyan coaches protested; “Our man won, no doubt”. Kenya lodged an official protest which was rejected.

Odore and Kane at the medal ceremony
Image courtesy of Nicodemus Odore

Joseph Akhasamba : Light Heavyweight Quarter-Final: Beat Fulu Faalenuu of Samoa Semi-Final: Beat Joseph Abdul Kaddu of Uganda 5-0 Final: Beat Robert Dale Brown of Canada (referee stopped contest) George "Foreman" Onyango: Heavyweight Quarter-Final: Beat Eliphers Mubiru of Uganda (referee stopped the contest) Semi-Final: Beat Kevin Onwuka of Nigeria 4-1 Final: Beat Pat Jordan of Canada 5-0 Nicodemus "Computer" Odore: Light Welterweight Round 1 : Beat Eddie Fisher of Northern Ireland 5-0 Quarter-Final: Beat Jonas Bade of Papua New Guinea 5-0 Semi-Final: Beat Duke Chinyadza of Zimbabwe 5-0 Final: Controversially Lost to Charlie Kane of Scotland 3-2 Abdulrahman Ramadhani: Light Flyweight Quarter-Final: Beat Paul Weir of Scotland 5-0 emi-Final: Beat Darmendra Yadaw of India 4-1 Final:Lost to Justin Juuko of Uganda 4-1 Ali Athumani: Welterweight Round 1: Beat Asomua Naea of Samoa (referee stopped the contest) Quarter-Final: Lost to Grahame Cheney of Australia Ahmed Omar "Kassongo" : Light Middleweight Round 1 : Beat James Webb of Northern Ireland 5-0 Quarter-Final: Lost to Raymond Downey of Canada 5-0 Maurice Maina: Flyweight Quarter-Final: Beat Paul Wills of Australia 5-0 Semi-Final: Lost to Wayne McCullough of Northern Ireland 5-0 David "The Destroyer" Gakuha: Featherweight Quarter-Final: Beat Trust Ndhlovu of Zimbabwe 5-0 Semi-Final:Lost to Haji Ally Matumla of Tanzania 4-1 Godfrey Maina : Bantamweight Quarter-Final: Lost to Wesley Christmas of Guyana (referee stopped the contest) Charles Ojuang: Lightweight Round 1 : Lost to Billy Irwin of Canada 4-1 Charles "Ironman" Waithaka: Middleweight Round 1: Lost to Joseph Laryea of Ghana

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