Kenya Boxing Results at the 1968 Olympic Games

The 1968 Olympic games were held Mexico city. Kenya sent a squad of four boxers. Philip Waruinge’s bronze medal was the only medal Kenya won in boxing. Neutral observers thought he was robbed of a gold medal. During this era, boxing judges often showed blatant bias against African boxers. In many cases they openly favoured the host nation. Still Waruinge was vindicated when he was awarded the Val Barker Trophy for the most outstanding boxer of the Olympic games.

Philip Waruinge

Philip Waruinge: Heavyweight Round 1: Beat Jean-Paul Anton of France 5-0 Round 2: Beat Mohamed Sourour of Morocco 5-0 Quarter-Final: Beat Miguel Garcia of Argentina 4-1 Semi-Final: Lost to Antonio Roldan of Mexico 3-2 Samuel Mbugua: Bantamweight Round 1: Beat Dhanraj Singh of Guyana 5-0 Round 2: Beat Giuseppe Mura of Italy 3-2 Quarter-Final: Lost to Valerian Sokolov of the USSR Stephen Thega: Light Middleweight Round 1: Beat Walter Campos of Costa Rica 5-0 Round 2: Lost to Guenther Meier of East Germany John Olulu: Light Welterweight Round 1: Lost to Arto Nilsson of Finland 3-2


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