1968 Africa boxing championships medalists

In 1968 Philip WAruinge became Africa Featherweight champion for an impressive third time. More impressive was that he beat Ugandan Mohamed Muruli in the final. Muruli is a Ugandan legend and is considered one of the best boxers. Uganda has ever produced. He won the gold medal at the 1970 and 1974 Commonwealth games.

And whereas he had been the only Kenyan medalist in 1964 and 1966, this time Kenya won a second gold medal via light middleweight Stephen Thega.  Kenya finished 4th overall.


Weight-Class Gold Silver
Ligh Flyweight  (-48 kg)  Mohamed Sohem (Egypt)  Kariuki (Kenya)
Flyweight (– 51 kg)  Leo Rwabwogo (Uganda)  Mohamed Selim (Egypt)
Bantamweight (– 54 kg)  H. Lako (Nigeria)  Joseph Destimo (Ghana)
Featherweight (– 57 kg)  Philip Waruinge (Kenya)  Mohamed Muruli (Uganda)
Lightweight (– 60 kg)  César Sinda (Congo)  Jonathan Dele (Nigeria)
Light Welterweight (– 63,5 kg)  Isaak Dabore (Nigeria)  Jack Sennars (Ghana)
Welterweight (– 67 kg)  Joseph Bessala (Cameroun)  Julius Luipa (Zambia)
Light Middleweight (– 71 kg)  Stephen Thega (Kenya)  Powell Mabwa (Uganda)
Middleweight (– 75 kg)  Mathias Ouma (Uganda)  George Aidoo (Ghana)
Light Heavyweight (– 81 kg)  Hassan Aman (Egypt)  Fatai Ayinla (Nigeria)
Heavyweight (over 81 kg)  Talaat el-Dahsan (Egypt)  Adonis Ray (Ghana)
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