2 thoughts on “New documentary about Franco Luambo Makiadi

  1. A duplicate of Franco will never be seen after his death. He was the godfather of African music, the giant, the strength and the all-in-all of African music. He popularised African music for the attention of the world and caused Congolese music to eclipse every other African music so much so that people thought that there was only one type of music in Africa: Congolese music. From West Africa to the other ends of the continent, Franco’s music resonated with uniqueness and majesty. There is no word to describe Franco’s love and enthusiasm for African music and his ambition to spread and popularise African rhythm to the rest of the world. He is gone but his spirit and inspiration reign on forever.

  2. Franco died but his music remain immortal. Am one of the greatest followers of TPOK JAZZ. I believe it will take time to have a great band like that. How can i get original DVDs of this great band?

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