Pesa Position by Madilu System

This was the first hit song that Madilu System composed after he had joined TPOK Jazz. Prior to that he had been well known for being the lead singer on songs composed by Franco. This included songs like Mamou, Non and Makambo ezali bourreau.

Madilu sings the lead vocals in this song. In the original song, other solo vocals were provided by Josky Kiambukuta and Ntesa Dalienst. In this video , their places are taken by Malage de Lugendo and Kiesse Diambu with Aime Kiwakana and Bonyeme Dennis providing backup vocals.

In the second session Madilu starts by introducing himself by saying “Kombo na ngai Biallu eh” (my name is Biallu). He then mentions other family members such as Biya (his wife), Nzalake (one of his siblings) and others

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  1. beautiful stuff youve got here! i can now speak some lingala, thanx 2 u, good work.

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