Kenya Boxing Results at the 2006 Commonwealth Games

The 2006 Commonwealth games were held in Melbourne Australia. Kenya’s performance was a drastic improvement over the disaster that was the 2002 games where no Kenyan won a single bout. This time Kenya sent a squad of 10 boxers. 7 of them won at least one bout. Kenya ended with three bronze medals. Though it is a far cry from the 1980s and 1990s when Kenya were Commonwealth games champions, it was a welcome result for boxing followers in Kenya.

The three bronze medals were won by Light welterweight Black Moses Mathenge, Lightweight Charles Menya and Light Heavyweight Joshua Ndere Makonjio. Kenya finished 13th in the boxing medal standings

Charles Menya in action against Colomban Kaldjob of Cameroon whom he beat 24-8

Charles Menya: Lightweight Round 2: Beat Joel Anthony Eligon of Trinidad and Tobago (referee stopped contest) Quarter-Final: Beat Colomban Kaldjob of Cameroon 24-8 Semi Final: Lost to Giovanni Frontin of Mauritius 19-4 Black Moses Mathenge: Light Welterweight Round 2: Beat Mujandjae Kasuto of Namibia 29-14 Quarter-Final: Beat Carl Commons of New Zealand 29-18 Semi-Final: Lost to Moses Kopo of Lesotho 28-12 Joshua Ndere Makonjio: Light Heavyweight Round 2: beat Terry Shawn Cox of Barbados (referee stopped contest) Quarter-Final: Beat Ajay Kumar of India 18-10 Semi-Final: Lost to Adura Olalehin of Nigeria 29-9 Absolom Okoth: Welterweight Round 1: Beat Kirt Blackwell of Trinidad and Tobago (referee stopped contest) Round 2: Lost to Thomas Hamill of Northern Ireland (referee stopped contest) James Onyango Wasao: Heavyweight Round 2: Beat Haleonehetou Togia Atutolu of Niue (Referee stopped contest) Quarter-Final: Lost to Brad Pitt of Australia (Referee stopped contest) Daniel Shisia: Middleweight Round 1: Beat Davidson Emenogu of Nigeria Shisia won on recount after the score ended 11-11 Round 2: Beat Alexie Zola Alexander of Trinidad and Tobago 23-10 Quarter-Final: Lost to James Degale of England 23-10 Daniel Murai Kuria: Flyweight Round 2: beat Saheed Olawale of Nigeria (referee stopped contest) Quarter-Final: Lost to Martin Mubiru of Uganda 26-16 Peter Warui: Light Flyweight Round 1: Lost to Mo Nasir of Wales 22-17 Sammy Magima: Bantamweight Round 1: Lost to Thabiso Nketu of Lesotho (Referee stopped the contest) Frederick Orieyo: Super Heavyweight Round 1: Lost to Varghese Johnson (referee stopped contest)

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