Kenya Boxing Results at the 1996 Olympic Games

The 1996 Olympic games were held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It marked the first time ever that Kenyan boxers had failed to win even a single bout, thus underlining the fact that Kenya boxing was behind and had not adapted to the new scoring system that emphasized scoring points by landing body and head blows as opposed to raw power.

George Maina: Lightweight Round 2: Lost to Eun Chul Shin of Korea (referee stopped the contest)  Peter Bulinga: Light Welterweight Round 2: Lost to Mohamed Allalou of Algeria 17-3  Evans Ashira Oure: Welterweight Round 2: Lost to Nariman Atayev of Uzbekistan 15-10  Peter Odhiambo Opiyo: Light Heavyweight Round 2: Lost to Paul Mbongo of Cameroon 15-6  Omar Ahmed Kassongo: Heavyweight Round 2: Lost to David Defiagbon of Canada 15-4

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