1994 Africa Boxing championships medalists

The 1994 Africa boxing championships were held in Johanesburg South Africa.

Kenya placed two boxers in the finals. Omar Ahmed Rajab “Kassongo” won a gold medal while Haman Ramadhani won a silver medal.

Weight-Class Gold Silver
Light Flyweight  (-48 kg) Hamid Berhili (Morocco) Haman Ramadhani (Kenya)
Flyweight (– 51 kg) Richard Sunee (Mauritius) Matumla Mbwana (Tanzania)
Bantamweight (– 54 kg) Steve Naraina (Mauritius) Abdelaziz Boulahia (Algeria)
Featherweight (– 57 kg) Miguel Chibuye (Zambia)  Nouredine Medjehoud (Algeria)
Lightweight (– 60 kg) Hocine Soltani (Algeria)  Denis Zimba  (Zambia)
Light Welterweight (– 63,5 kg) Stephanus Carr  (South Africa)  Gerry Legras (Seychelles)
Welterweight (– 67 kg) James Lubwama (Uganda)  Aubrey Segopa (South Africa)
Light Middleweight (– 71 kg) Victor Kunene (South Africa)  Rival Cadeau (Seyechelles)
Middleweight (– 75 kg) Mohamed Mesbahi (Morocco)  Mohamed Bahari (Algeria)
Light Heavyweight (– 81 kg) Mohamed Benguesmia (Algeria)  Sybrand Botes (South Africa)
Heavyweight (over 81 kg) Omar Ahmed Rajab (Kenya)  G. Oberholzer (South Africa)
Super-Heavyweight  (+91 kg) Martin Botha (South Africa)  Collice Mutizwa (Zimbabwe)
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