Kenya Boxing Results at the 1992 Olympics

The 1992 Olympics were held in Barcelona Spain. Kenya had performed very well in the previous Olympics. However, in the intervening four years, the world of amateaur boxing had changed dramatically. A new computerized scoring system was introduced and Kenyan boxers had not adapted to it. In fact some would say that even today, almost three decades later, Kenya is still behind.

It was a below par performance by Kenya. Unlike 1988 when Kenya sent a full team with 12 boxers, this time only 5 Kenyan boxers qualified.

Only Nicodemus “Computer” Odore won a match. It is worth noting that Nicodemus is a nephew of legendary Kenyan footballer from the 1970s, Samson Odore

Nicodemus Odore
Image courtesy of Nicodemus Odore


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