2019 Dusit Complex Attack

On January 15 2019, 5 terrorists linked to Al Shabaab, stormed the Dusit Complex that is located in the Riverside section of Nairobi. They then went on a terror spree that included use of greenades, a suicide bomber and shooting of innocent civilians.

The explosions

The terrorists detonated a bomb in the parking lot that set several cars on fire.

A member of the bomb squad was called upon to safely detonate the terrorists car which was laden with explosives


General Service Unit arriving at the scene

Acts of heroism: Evacuations by the GSU

The General Service Unit (GSU) were called upon to help evacuate civilians while fending off the terrorists.

Acts of heroism by private citizens

This lady volunteered to serve breakfast to all the first responders on day 2

British SAS Commando

A British SAS commando who happened to be in Kenya at the time, also swung into action


Recce Squad

The Recce Squad were called upon to engage the five terrorists in combat and ultimately vanquished them

Kenyans pull together and remain unbowed

Taking a safe spot behind a car as the gunshots ring


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