Ntesa Dalienst biography

Ntesa Dalienst is pictured below

Ntesa Dalienst Discography

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17 Responses to Ntesa Dalienst biography

  1. swams says:

    Ya Ntesa, TP OK Jazz was teeming with talent but you were my best. I was in denial for very long over your demise.
    Fare thee well son of Africa till we meet again before the creator

  2. Kitty K. says:

    In my opinion, the best vocalist of all tyme. My favourite being Liyanzi ekoti ngai motema. Timeless piece.

  3. Mathew Laurent says:

    I know Ntesa as one of the strongest musician with his attractive or golden voice
    especial while staying in ok jazz family with other vocals such an Josk kiambukuta . Pepe Ndombe and kiawakana

  4. knyakone says:

    Was very calm gentleman, we will always miss you Ntesa.

  5. Franz says:

    I listen to these guys sing and i cannot believe how perfect their songs were

  6. Otieno Onyango says:

    So sad how a number of music greats are just passing before our eyes so prematurely, especially the TPOK family.

  7. Silvester Gumo says:

    This guy had all the stamina and delivered most powerful yet harmonious timeless pieces. I am in particular wowed by lisolo ya adamo na nzambe, mukungu, namiswi misapi etc.

  8. Maurice says:

    His songs are my treasures

  9. Maurice says:

    Memories are made of these!

  10. Ochieng James Jakarungu says:

    At the Nairobi City stadium in1983 he gave me a small booklet with the History of TP OK jazz which I treasure to date. I love listening to his hit Dodo any time. Fare thee well.

  11. felixtow says:

    Ntesa has a voice which make his music lovable and evergreen- my favourite, Bina na ngai na respect. Miss you

  12. simbi phiri says:

    The ease with which he sang, almost effortless,yet you can see his neck blow and flatten like singing bull flog, then you realise this guy is in business.
    Check him on his video tangawizi and coupe de foundre, you will be happy.

    • gevan wandeyi says:

      True you are a real fan; Bina na ngai na respect, mouzi ,dodo and Tangawuzi, the backup voice in DIA and Sandoka was marvelous. These days there is no music. Ok JAZZ music will live for ever.

  13. wes bii says:

    When i hear Ntessa’s voice i can easily sob in tears.

  14. evans chamwama juma says:

    the voice of ntesa on liyanzi ekoti ngai na motema wacha tu
    rest in piece son of africa

  15. Dr. zoao Makumbi says:

    Ya Ntesa was a highly gifted musician of all times.