The Kenya 4 X 400m teams in the late 60s and early 70s

Kenya remains the only country in Africa ever to win a relay gold medal at the Olympics. A fact which flies in the face of all those espousing theories about East Africans being poor sprinters. It happened in 1972 in Muninch. That team consisting of Charles Asati, Robert Ouko, Julius Sang and Hezekiah Nyamau, surprised everyone when they won the men’s 4 X 400m gold medal. Days earlier in the 400m final, Sang and Asati had aqcuited themselves well by finishing 3rd and 4th respectively.

Four years earlier, at the Mexico Olympics, The Kenya 4 X 400 metres quartet comprising (Daniel Rudisha,Matesi Nyamau, Naftali Bon, Charles Asati had won the silver medal only for the European and North American journalists and officials to come up with excuses like “The altitude favored the Kenyans”.

In between those Olympics, Kenya made waves by winning gold medals at the 4 X 400m relays in the 1970 Commonwealth games and the 1973 All Africa games and 1974 Commonwealth games with Charles Asati winning individual gold in the 400m on all 3 occasions.

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  1. I came across this website today when we were wondering if Kenya has ever won any sprint event like relays. And ‘low and behold’ it indeed took place, when we were about 2 years old and not only that they are the only African Team that ever won relay to date!! I believe this should be highlighted and the Team recognized, interviewed and rewarded for such sterling performance. Such important information should be circulated to all Kenyans to know! This is fantastic and profound performance the four Kenyan did!!

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