Tangawizi by Papa Noel & TPOK Jazz (Lyrics and Translation)

This song was composed by guitar virtuoso Papa Noel Nedule. He is known as Papa Noel because he was born on December 25. The song was first released in 1982. The lead vocalist for this song is Ntesa Dalienst.
In the introduction, a man’s first wife decides that she cannot put up with sharing her husband with another woman. In the second section, the new woman brags about intoxicating her man with love and credits herself for causing the first wife to leave the marriage.


Lyrics and Translation


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14 thoughts on “Tangawizi by Papa Noel & TPOK Jazz (Lyrics and Translation)

  1. lovely ,i loved this song in my early years but did not know what it meant, but loved lugendo joskys voices,,now that iam learning lingala i love this song the more,,,,,oh congo how i pray for a peaceful congo!

  2. Unbridled talent reside(d) in Congo. Such is the music of enthusiastic days, gloomy moods, catatonic days- of all days. That guitar bana-what my friend calls the mysterious stringed instrument, obeys direction when in seasoned fingers….
    Lazima mtatii!

  3. Tangawizi is a brilliant record of times by Tpok jazz lead by Franco i personally im in love with this song forget guitar,adorable voices let me conclude by remarking everything is balanced….

  4. Ya solo bato ba Kenya balingi nzembo oyo…nzembo oyo eza bien. Mosala malamu nakati ya mboka Congo, Nzambe apambola bino nyoso.

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