Osilisi ngai mayele by Josky Kiambukuta (Translation and Lyrics)


This song was released in 1987 as part of the album named Franco Present Josky Kiambukuta. The album featured two other songs: Kita Mata Bloque and Minzata. It marked Josky’s return to TPOK Jazz after he had left the band in 1986 to pursue solo projects with Ntesa Dalienst and others.

Osilisi Ngai Mayele is a rendition of Josky’s 1979 hit Tokabola sentiment. This time Josky is joined on lead vocals by the then new sensation, the youthful Malage De Lugendo. It is a song about a woman who¬† has been deserted by her husband, a man known as Lukusa Tanzi. She tells Lukusa to return to the marriage though he has strayed.


Lyrics and Translation

Josky’s first solo

Malage de Lugendo’s first solo

Josky’s second solo

Malage de Lugendo’s second solo


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4 thoughts on “Osilisi ngai mayele by Josky Kiambukuta (Translation and Lyrics)

  1. The TPOK JAZZ Lyrics are indeed soothing. Things are even made better by the translations. Could more of them be possible?

    1. Sylverius Onyango, an ardent fan of Franco’s rumba ;
      Translation of Franco’s music into English has given a new direction on understanding of his undisputed prowess in poetry. I wish today’s so called celebs would emulate

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