Kenya Boxing Results at the 2010 Commonwealth Games

Members of the Kenya boxing team to the 2010 Commonwealth Games

The 2010 Commonwealth games were held in New Delhi India. Kenya continued on a recovery path in the boxing arena. Eight years earlier in 2002, Kenya had left the games without winning a single bout. In 2006 the Kenya boxing team improved to 3 bronzes. And in 2010, Kenya improved further winning 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

The silver medal came from Benson Njagiru Gicharu. The bronze medals came from Joshua Ndere Nakonjio and Nick Okoth. For Okoth, the bronze medal was awarded belatedly after his quarter-final opponent, Manju Wanjarachchi was banned for doping.

Joshua Makonjio Ndere had also won a bronze medal in the 2006 edition. Tragically, 2010 was the last time he represented Kenya at a major tournament. Ndere, a product of Muthurwa Dallas boxing club and a soldier in the Kenya army, passed away in a road accident on Mombasa road in November 2011.


Benson Gicharu: Flyweight Round 2: Beat Camillo Kaikai of Papua New Guinea 11-3 Quarter-Final: Beat Dexter Jordan of Guyana 8-0 Semi-Final: Beat Oteng Oteng of Botswana 5-4 Final: Lost to Suranjoy Singh of India by walkover Joshua Makonjio Ndere: Light Heavyweight Round 2: Beat Rodney Prosper of Mauritius 11-6 Quarter-Final: Beat Dane Mulivai of Australia 7-4 Semi-Final: Lost to Tommy McCarthy of Australia 9-4 Nick Okoth: Bantamweight Round 2: Beat Benedict Telovae of Solomon Islands (referee stopped contest) Quarter-Final: Lost to Manju Wanjarachchi of Sri Lanka 10-1 Manju Wanjarachchi was later disqialified for failing a drug test Nick Okoth was promoted to bronze Joseph Njogu Ndungu : Lightweight Round 1: Beat Cobia Breedy of Barbados 12-1 Round 2: Lost to Waheed Shogbanmu of Nigeria 4-3 Black Moses Mathenge: Light Welterweight Round 1: Beat Hashim Simon Petro of Tanzania 5-1 Round 2: Beat Chimwemwe Chiotcha of Malawi 7-0 Quarter-Final: Lost to Manoj Kumar of India 6-2 Elly Ajowi: Heavyweight Round 2: Beat David Aloua-Rogers of New Zealand (referee stopped contest) Quarter-Final: Lost to Awusone Yekeni of Ghana 7-3 Michael Nakafwa: Super Heavyweight Round 2: Lost to Tobias Munihango 4-0 Dick Ombaka: Middleweight Round 2: Lost to Vijender Singh of India (referee stopped contest) Peter Warui: Light Flyweight Round 1: Lost to Amandeep Singh of India 6-2 Rayton Okwiri: Welterweight Round 1: Lost to Aston Brown of Scotland 8-3

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