Kenya boxing results at the 1984 Olympics

At the 1984 Olympics that were held in Los Angeles, California USA, Kenya bagged one bronze medal via Ibrahim “Surf” Bilali. Two other Kenyans, John Wanjau and Sylanus Okelo reached the quarter-finals with the latter losing to the future world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield.


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2 thoughts on “Kenya boxing results at the 1984 Olympics

  1. Hi,im the son of ibrahim is worth noting that each time people read such posts and think that he has lived a life full of merry.despite his heroics and displays for kenya,what does he get in return?a life full of misery because the rich like mr.madoka thought it wise to pluck him off from school with promises of a guaranteed financial security for him.but sadly enough he ends up working at bus station just to earn a living.this forced him to trade his medals so as to at least get a few coins to take home.tell me then is it really fair that we often remember the contributions but yet forget the individuals that really contributed?

    1. I am sorry to hear of Ibrahim’s predicament. Did he lose his employment with Kenya Breweries?
      Also please tell us why quit boxing so early. I think he was only around 21 when he quit.

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