Kenya Boxing Team Results at the 1966 Commonwealth Games

The 1966 British Empire and Commonwealth Games were held in Kingston, Jamaica. Kenya sent a squad of 10 boxers. Kenya ended up with 3 medals: 1 gold and 2 bronze. The gold medal came via Philip Waruinge. The bronze medals came from Stephen Baraza and Nderu Mwaura.


Philip Waruinge

Philip Waruinge: Featherweight Round 1: Beat Ken Cooper of England on points Quarter-Final: Beat Denis Swamy of India on points Semi-Final: Beat Amos Ajao of Ghana on points Final: Beat Paddy Maguire of Ireland on points Stephen Baraza: Lightweight Quarter-Final: beat Robert Porteus of Scotland Semi-Final: Lost to Ron Thurston of England on points John Mwaura Nderu: Bantamweight Quarter-Final: Beat M.Micheletti of JRS Semi-Final: Lost to Eddie Ndukwu of Nigeria John Olulu: Light Welterweight Round 1: Beat Kenneth Nelson of Jamaica on points Quarter-Final: Lost to Alex Odhiambo of Uganda on points Peter Manene: Flyweight Quarter-Final: Lost to Kenneth Campbell on points Alex Oundu: Welterweight Quarter-Final: Lost to Bobby Arthur of England on points Ali Said: Light Middleweight Quarter-Final: Lost to Tom Imrie of Scotland by KO Patrick Wattengah: Middleweight Quarter-Final: Lost to Ian Trout of Jamaica Hamisi Abdullah: Light Heavyweight Quarter-Final: Lost to Fatai Ayinla of Nigeria or Roger Tighe of England Stephen Matiani: Heavyweight Quarter-Final: Lost to Benson Ocan of Uganda on points

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