Video: Sylvanus Okello vs Evander Holyfield at 1984 Olympics:

Back in 1984, before Evander Holyfield became the world heavyweight champion, he fought as an amateaur in the Olympics. In the quarter-finals, he came up againt Sylvanus “Sulu” Okello of Kenya. Okello who was 21 years old at the time, had done well to win his first and second round bouts and was one of three Kenyans to reach the quarter-finals along with John Wanjau and Ibrahim Bilali who eventually won a bronze medal.

Okello gave a good account of himself and even landed several solid blows. But a defensive lapse only 3 seconds from the end of the first round resulted in a technical knockout.

Holyfield went on to the semi-finals where he completely dominated against Kevin Barry of New Zealand but was disqualified when the referee claimed he threw a punch after being told to stop. Holyfield was voted USA sports illustrated sportsman of the year for 1984.

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