Nairobi Floods 2015

In May of 2015, the city of Nairobi came to a standstill due to heavy and relentless rains that pounded the city. The rain cause massive floods that were exacerbated by the city’s poor drainage system and poor or non-existent urban planning.

Drivers abandoned their cars as they were engulfed or carried away by water. Houses were flooded by rushing water. Some schools closed. Workers were unable to get to work.

The South C neighbourhood was the worst hit, earning itself the nickname “South sea”


Minibuses in the South C neighbourhood submerged


A few intrepid drivers tried to drive through the floods


A few unlucky drivers who tried to drive through the floods never made it

Many drivers had to abandon their cars


Members of the public help bail out a stranded driver


This school bus belonging to Makini school, was stranded for 10 hours with students trapped inside.

A motorist who had to abandon his vehicle, struggles to make it across rushing waters

With many cars incapacitated, many commuters had to resort to rickshaws, locally known as Mkokoteni..

Nairobi’s Pangani neighbourhood


Many houses were flooded


On a lighter note, Drinking beer is Kenya’s national pastime and these revelers were not deterred by the floods.


Author: mawazo