Basketball Crisis as Silalei-Owuor quits national team

Kenya women’s national team stalwart Silalei-Shani-Owuor has quit the national team citing frustrations from the Kenya Basketball Federation. “I am tired of playing for a Federation that does not take care of its players” said the eloquent Silalei who has been a key performer for the national team over the past few years. During the Africa Basketball championships of 2013, she was the leading rebounder and second leading scorer for team Kenya.

Along with other team members, she has sacrificed a lot of her time, her own money and effort to play for the national team. She is perhaps the most recognizable basketball player in Kenya. Loosing her services is a huge blow to the basketball fraternity. What is worse is that several players have threatened to follow suits.

KBF treasurer Peter Orero dismisses it as politics. However it is a well known fact that Kenyan basketball players play under very difficult circumstances.It therefore comes as no surprise that Silalei-Owuor has called it quits.

And Kenyan sports officials in general are well known for paying their own allowances before paying the players and in some cases even embezzling funds.

Player Walk-out

Kenya basketball players and team managers staged a walk-out from the KBF annual general meeting. They accused the Federation of abuse of office, and of flouting the constitution.


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Author: fast break