Kipchoge on his way to being the greatest marathoner ever

On April-22-2016, Eliud Kipchoge beat a very strong field to win th 2016 London Marathon. The field included two former world record holders: Wilson Kipsang and Dennis Kimetto, plus New York Marathon winner Stanley Biwott, not to mention Ethiopian track legend Kenenisa Bekele. In the process, Kipchoge ran a new course record in 2:03:05 which is the third fastest marathon time ever. The course record is impressive considering that the London marathon typically attracts the best runners years after year.

Kipchoge with second placed finisher Stanley Biwott and third placed Kenenisa Bekele


Kipchoge left the track to pursue a career running the 42km event in 2013. Ever since he made the switch, his running career has been nothing short of stellar: He has run seven marathons, winning six of them and finishing second in one. Below are his results and times:

Year City Time Position
2013 Hamburg 2:05:30 1
2013 Berlin 2:04:05 2
2014 Rotterdam 2:05:00 1
2014 Chicago 2:04:11 1
2015 London 2:04:42 1
2015 Berlin 2:04:00 1
2016 London 2:03:05 (CR) 1

The fact that he has won six of his first marathons is impressive as is the fact that all his seven marathons have been run in under 2:05:30 and his last four marathons were all in the 2:04 – 2:03 range. The only marathon he never won was in Berlin in 2013 when Wilson Kipsang set a new world record. It was only Kipchoge’s second marathon.

And Kipchoge would have broken the world record in London had be been informed that the world record was within reach when he crossed the 40 km mark. It would have required a 4:29 mile, something Kipchoge is quite capable of. No wonder he reacted in dismay when he realized how close he was to the world record.

Kipchoge reacted in dismay when he saw that he missed the world record by a whisker


Kipchoge was excellent on the track. He first came to the consciousness of the public in 2003 when as an 18 year old, he won the 5000m at the world championships, beating Kenenisa Bekele and Hicham el Guerrouj. Though he had an impressive record on the track, he has certainly found his niche in the 26 mile race. He now has two options to cement his legacy as the greatest marathoner ever. Either win the Olympic gold in Rio or go for the world record in record friendly Berlin in September.


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  1. Eliud now needs an Olympic medal and a world championship medal to cement his process as the world’s greatest Marathoner ever. For some reason, road running marathons have proved inconsistent at championship racing.

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