Franco Luambo and Mobutu Sese Seko a strange relationship

Franco always had a political bent which he expressed in many of his songs. While still in his teens, he had been a trouble maker before Congo got independence from the Belgians. One of his earliest forays into politics came in 1957 when one of his songs was banned by the colonial authorities.

Soon after independence,Franco would sing a number of poitical songs, starting with the number “Ba Deputes botika Mbilinga, Mbilinga (Parliamenterians stop the confusion). He would follow this up with two more numbers: Docteur Moise Tshombe and Government ya Katanga Orientale.


Franco sings Liwa ya Lumumba (Liwa ya Emery)

Franco’s Au Commandement

Franco sings Luvumbu Ndoki after the Pentecost hangings


Mobutu changes the country’s name to Zaire and Introduces La Authenticite Franco sings “Oya”


MPR Propaganda Tours


Mobutu gives the Un-Deux-Trois Nightclub and MAZADIS to Franco


Helene and Jacky Land Franco in Prison


Kengo Wa Dondo was born Leon Lubiscz. He changed his name during La Authenticite

Lettre à Mr. Le Directeur Général

Franco’s Candidat na Biso Mobutu

Franco’s passing and funeral

Kenya Music Page

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14 thoughts on “Franco Luambo and Mobutu Sese Seko a strange relationship

  1. Franco passed on with his really music. Music with a message for the current music generation praising itself, shelves are full but no really message

  2. When a musician sing a message…. The song will remain new over many years
    Franco’s songs they are so good

  3. What a lovely piece of narrative. Keep up educating us we the younger generation who seldom witnessed these events.Most regards!

  4. If there’s what is to be called real musiq in Africa,rhumba from congo and Zaire should be.May the legend,the founder and leader of TpOK jazz’s soul be rested in peace!!!

  5. A legend who left a giant database of wisdom in songs.
    …his songs still a magic in our hears.
    RIP Franco

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