Daughter of Ntesa Dalienst to produce album with Fally Ipupa

Christelle Ntesa Lova, a daughter of former TPOK Jazz vocalist Ntesa Dalienst Zitani is set to make her debut album. The album will be produce by Fally Ipupa and will feature musicians from Fally’s group. The album will be produced under the label “F VicTeam” that is owned by Fally.

Fally is proving to be a patron who is willing to produce other musicians and provide them opportunities in the same manner that legends like Franco did and Verkys did.

Christelle Ntesa is intent on keeping the memory of her father and ensuring nobody forgets her father who passed away of a brain tumour in 1994. Below is a video of Christelle reprising “Bina Na Ngai na respect” which is arguably her fathers’ greatest hit.

Ntesa Dalienst Biography

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  1. Wonderful. Dalienst was a wonderful composer and vocalist. Am delighted to hear his daughter will carry on his legacy.

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