Mamou by Franco Luambo (Translated)

This hit song composed by Franco is also known as Tu Vois ? (You see ?). It is a song about two women who accuse each other of infidelity and prostitution.  It was one of the very first songs which prominently featured Madilu System and announced him to the musical world.

Mamou by Franco and Madilu

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15 Responses to Mamou by Franco Luambo (Translated)

  1. Cannot really express my pleasure towards this documentation, ll I can say is its been a great pleasure going through such informative piece of publication. As a RHUMBA music fan, Franco was idol, I miss this great artist and will always miss him. Thank you so much for this production which has given me an insight about his great works. At least I can now realize what he was saying in some of his songs, from the translation provided.
    Unfortunately am not sure where really in South Africa I can purchase his music.

  2. Thank you so much for the publication, which has enlightened me so much about this RHUMBA Guru. Have enjoyed every bit of it. Have been Franco et le tp ok jazz fan for years and his death was a huge disappointment. However their music lives on and consoles me and many others.
    Am not sure where really in South Africa I can purchase this true African music. Please help.
    Thank you.

  3. Jacob Ndukuyu says:

    Ilove Franco as African legend in rhumba music.he söngs waz inspirational worldwide God bles him wereva he was

  4. Stephen says:

    there is this version where the telephone conversation goes:
    Franco: ngrrrrrr (telefon ring)
    Mamou: Allo
    Franco: ngrrrrrr
    Mamou: ngai wana
    Franco: ngrrrrrr
    all in all this is a fantastic job you are doing.

  5. Aki says:

    Finally!! I got it. I can now sing along and know exactly what I am singing.

  6. andrew says:

    Job well done now i know wat franco was talking about

  7. Maureen Irene says:

    How great it feels having the right words for this song and the translate in English. This is amazing and i wont stop listening till i find the words right and sing it though to the last word.

  8. Tomah Mamili says:

    Thanks a great deal guy for that worth enlightenment.

  9. Solomon assava says:

    I like the translation it’s so good am so happy

  10. Johny says:


  11. violet chepkwemoi says:

    wow wow wow!! what can I say? work well done!!

  12. isaac rukaria says:

    as great fun of rhumba i say this great guys be

  13. Robert chumba says:

    awesome work done this is a reflective of a hard work congratulation mamou lyrics

  14. Dan koome says:

    He was a Rhumba maestro