Koffi Olomide performs at Bercy

Quartier Latin members: Montana Kamanga, Gipson and Bouro Mpela in concert

Koffi Olomide and Quartier Latin release Force de Frappe

Koffi Olomide and Quartier Latin release Effrakata


Koffi Olomide and Quartier Latin release Effrakata

Koffi Olomide releases Affaire D'Etat and wins Kora Awards

Fally Ipupa leaves Koffi Olomide and Quartier Latin and Koffi Introduces Cindy Le Couer

Koffi Olomide performs at Zenith and releases Bord Ezanga Kombo

Koffi Olomide is accused of rape

Koffi Olomide arrested in Zambia

Koffi Olomide barred from Papa Wemba funeral

Papa Wemba, who is the man who first gave a young Koffi Olomide his first musical break in the late 1970s, passed away on April 2016. Koffi's first band was Papa wemba's Viva La Musica. It is here that Koffi started to dip his feet into music and started to make a name for himself. Prior to his death, it is said that Papa Wemba had told his family that should he die, Koffi should not attend his funeral. 
So when Papa Wemba passed on, his body lay in Stade des Martyrs located in Lingwala, Kinshasa for two days for public viewing and mourning.  During all this one thing was evident. Congolese music maestro Koffi Olomide was missing in action. He was busy staging concerts in Burkina Faso and Togo. 
Koffi was criticised for not being there to pay final respects to his mentor. But he declared that his conscience was clear.  
“Although our relationship was not as close as we used to be when I first joined his Viva La Musica band I still viewed him as a mentor and a ‘father’ musically speaking. Papa Wemba always made it clear that incase of his death I should not attend his burial and vice versa,” he says, adding that despite this he would have wished to be present at the burial.” says Koffi 
Papa Wemba and Koffi had been feuding on and off since Koffi left Viva La Musica in the early 1980s. They briefly put aside their beef to make the succesful album

Koffi Olomide assaults his dancer in Kenya

Koffi's penchant for dysfunctional behaviour finally caught up with him in July of 2016 during a tour of Kenya. He was seen on a cell phone camera assaulting one of his dancers called Pamela with two vicious kicks which luckily did not land on Pamela as she ducked. And the assault occurred upon the arrival of Koffi and his group at the International Airport in Nairobi. And it happened right in front of Police officers who initially sought to restrain Koffi instead of arresting. Reports suggested that Koffi assaulted Pamela because she (Pamela) had a shouting match with Cyndi Le Couerr who is Koffi's girlfriend. 
Initially Koffi and his group seemed unperturbed. In a subsequent interview moments later, Koffi was seen brushing off the events. He was seen experssing his appreciation for his Kenyan fan base and urging Kenyans to show up in large numbers for the concert at the Bomas of Kenya. However what he did not anticipate was the backlash he would receive on social media especially twitter after the video went viral. People horrified by the assault demanded that Koffi be arrested. 
Koffi appeared on Citizen TV to explain himself. He cateogorically denied attacking Pamela but was in fact defending her from a well known pickpocket in the airport. This despite the fact that the video evidence showed him attacking Pamela. Eventually the government caved in and by the end of the day, Koffi was picked up by police and transported to the airport police station from where he was deported.

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