Pictures of Franco Luambo Makiadi & TPOK Jazz in the early 1980s
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Meka Okangama
In this classic early 1980s pictures are TPOK Jazz stalwarts.From left : Wuta Mayi composer of Ayant Droit, Josky Kiambukuta, Sax Matalanza, Franco, unknown, Papa Noel Nedule, Ndombe Opetum and Lola Checain, composer of MekaOkangama and Muya

Lisanga ya Ba Nganga
In 1983, rival bands Afrisa led by Tabu Ley  and TPOK Jazz led by Franco put their enemity aside and collaborated  for a series of memorable and historic albums.

Choc choc choc TPOK Jazz Afrisa
Afrisa Saxophonist Modero Mekanisi played side by side with OK Jazz saxophonist Matalanza
Afrisa lead vocalist Pom Pom Kuleta sung side by side with OK Jazz lead vocalist Josky Kiambukuta

Franco un deux troix
ITPOK Jazz were the resident band at Franco's nightclub : Un-Deux-Trois in Kinshasa.

Djo Mpoyi un deux troix
Djo Mpoyi, Wuta Mayi and Lola Checain leading the frontline at Un-Deux-Trois

Ntesa Dalienst
Ntesa Dalienst whose real name is Daniel Zitani Ya Ntesa, was one of the pre-eminent vocalists and composers of the earlyy 1980. His song Bina na Ngai na respect was one of the biggest hits of the period.