Yamba Ngai by Mbilia Bel (Lyrics and Translation)


The song Yamba Ngai was released in 1985. It was one among many songs composed by Tabu Ley and sung by Mbilia Bel.


A woman expresses her joy at getting married religiously. She discusses her emotions during the marital ceremony. She asks her partner to accept her faithfully in marriage. Having chosen her husband from among so many men, she promises her fidelity, dedication and obedience throughout their life together.

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6 thoughts on “Yamba Ngai by Mbilia Bel (Lyrics and Translation)

    1. Greetings to you Colombiano. Lingala is the most commonly used language used by Congolese musicians. And we understand it.

  1. Although I can’t understand d language but d the rhythm & translation made d song the richest love song I’ve ever come across or listened to. Yamba ngai is a song to have.
    Love from Nigeria to Congo.
    God bless Mbilia Bel

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