Massu by Jolie Detta and TPOK Jazz (Lyrics and Translation)

Introduction Massu and Jolie Detta

In 1986, Franco for the first time ever made a recording with a female artiste. Her name was Jolie Detta, a daughter of a Greek father and Zairean mother. The tall and breathtakingly gorgeous Detta was relatively unknown up to this point. She had previously sung with CHOC stars.

Detta performed two songs on this album namely Massu and Layile, both composed by Franco. The album catapulted Detta to instant fame. In 1986 she accompanied Franco on a tour of Kenya where she performed to the delight of Kenyan fans for whom Massu and Layile were huge hits. She would later leave to join Anti Choc where she sung duets with Bozi Boziana.

Song Video

Translation of Massu



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18 thoughts on “Massu by Jolie Detta and TPOK Jazz (Lyrics and Translation)

  1. in the early90s, every sunday my Dad used to play these types of Songs while drinkin at home. I vividly remember jolie’s voice.

  2. @Mario don’t blame yourself cause no one chooses where to be borne from, but she did great work indeed.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful work. The legend will be smiling because of your work, wherever he may be. You keep his flames alive.

  4. Great composition by Franco Makiadi Band T.P.O.K.! Songs from the Pot of Golds that were hits in 1980s! Jolie Detta was very gorgeous Song Bird

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