Kenya results at the 2016 Vancouver sevens

Dennis Ombachi and his team-mates bulldozed past Portugal. But it went downhill from there

Preliminary Round

Kenya 43 Portugal 5
Tries:Injera, Ayodi, Amonde, Ouma, Oliech Lugonzo, Adema
Conversions: Adema(3), Oliech

Kenya 19 Samoa 26
Tries: Odhiambo, Injera, Ouma
Conversions: Adema(2)

Kenya 19 Fiji 24
Tries: Oliech, Injera, Ouma
Conversions: Adema(2

Bowl Semi Finals

Kenya 21 France 24
Tries: Ambaka, Injera, Oliech
Conversions: Adema(3)

Shield Semi-Finals

Kenya 7 Russia 24
Tries: Ouma
Conversions: Adema


Leonard Mugaisi
Oscar Ouma
William Ambaka
Oscar Ayodi
Dennis Ombachi
Collins Injera
Andrew Amonde
Biko Adema
Humphrey Kayange
Samuel Oliech
Billy Odhiambo
Augustine Lugonzo

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