Kenya Boxing Team Results at the 2008 African championships

Nick Okoth; Africa champion 2008

The 2008 African championships also served as the African Olympic Qualifications. The tournament was held in Windhoek, Namibia from March 24 to 29. Boxers who reached the finals were assured of a place at the Olympics. Nick Okoth, Bernard Ngumba, Nick Abaka and Aziz Ali all reached the final thus qualifying for the Olympics. Nick Okoth was crowned Africa champion.

Nick Okoth: Featherweight
Round 1: Beat Immanuel Naidjala of Namibia 16-11
Quarter-Finals: Beat Prince Nwonye of Nigeria 5-2
Semi-Finals: Beat Prince Dzanie of Ghana 6-2
Finals: Beat Thato Batshegi of Botswana 8-2

Bernard Ngumba: Flyweight
Round 1 Beat Edward Kakembo of Uganda 12-7
Quarter-Finals: Beat Johannes Simon of Namibia 16-4
Semi-Finals: Beat Michael Anu of Nigeria 6-5
Finals: Lost to Cassius Chiyanika of Zambia 6-3

Nick Abaka: Welterweight
Round 1:Beat Habibu Ahmed of Ghana 16-13
Quarter-Finals: Beat Precious Makina of Zambia 9-3
Semi-Finals: Beat Medhi Khalsi of Morocco 5-4
Finals: Lost to Mujandjae Kasuto of Namibia 7-0

Aziz Ali: Light Heavyweight
Round 1: Beat Rodney Prosper of Mauritius 16-8
Quarter-Finals: Beat Unathi Jacobs of South Africa 11-8
Semi-Finals: Beat Christian Domfack Adjoufack of Cameroon (referee decision)
Finals: Lost to Samir Bastie of Ghana (referee stopped contest)

Thomas Kasina: Bantamweight
Round 1: Beat Chris Moutendi of Gabon 7-5
Quarter-Finals: Lost to Issa Samir of Ghana 6-3

Joseph Njogu Ndungu: Lightweight
Round 1: Beat Brice Rotaric Bassole of Burkina Faso
Quarter-Finals: Lost to Rasheed Lawal of Nigeria 9-5

Rayton Nduku Okwiri: Light Welterweight
Round 1: Beat Tounde Sarouna of Togo 9-6
Quarter-Finals: Lost to Babou Mahaman Smaila of Cameroon 16-6

David Opiyo: Middleweight
Quarter-Finals: Lost to Leonard Odilo Machichi of Tanzania 7-5

James Wasao: Heavyweight
Quarter-Finals: Lost to Yaovi Agbonson of Togo +5- 5

Morris Okolla: Superheavyweight
Semi-Finals: Lost to Onorede Ehwareme of Nigeria 6-5
Third Place: Earned a walkover over Patrick Mavoungou of Gabon


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