Kenya Boxing Results at the 2008 Olympics

The 2008 Olympics were held in Beijing, China. Kenya’s fortunes were much better than they had been four years earlier. In 2004, only one Kenyan qualified from the African championships (David Munyasia). Yet Munyasia was banned from the Olympics when he tested positive for Cathine, a substance found in Miraa (Khat).

In 2008, the African qualifiers for the Olympics were held in Windhoek Namibia. All those who reached the final were assured of a place at the Olympics. Four Kenyans reached the finals: Aziz Ali, Nick Okoth, Nick Abaka and Bernard Ngumba. Nick Okoth was crowned Africa champion. However Nick Abaka later withdrew from the Olympics, leaving three Kenyans at the Olympics. All lost their opening bouts.

Nick Okoth: Africa champion in 2008


Aziz Ali: Light Heavyweight Round 1: Lost to Bahram Muzaffer of Turkey 8-3 Nick Okoth: Featherweight Round 1: Lost to Arturo Santos Reyes of Mexico 6-2 Bernard Ngumba: Light Flyweight Round 1: Lost to Tulashboy Doniyorov of Uzbekistan 10-1

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