Kenya Boxing Results at the 1998 Commonwealth Games

The 1998 Commonwealth games were held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Kenya had been Commonwealth games champions in 1982, 1990 and 1994. They would have been champions in 1996 as well had the country not boycotted the games along with other African nations. However 1998 marked the first time in decades that Kenya did not win a gold medal at the Commonwealth games, signaling the slow but steady decline of Kenya’s boxing fortunes.

Kenya won two silver medals via Moses Kinyua and Absalom Okoth and one bronze medal via Samuel Odindo

Moses Kinyua: Light Flyweight Round 1: Beat Domenic Filane of Canada 10-2 Quarter-Finals: Beat Sole Mou of Lesotho 40-16 Semi-Finals: Beat Rudik Kazandzhyan of Cyprus 33-14 Finals: Lost to Sapok Biki of Malaysia 19-13 Absalom Okoth: Welterweight Round 1: Beat Carl Thomas of Wales 9-8 Quarter-Finals: Beat Rico Chong Nee of Samoa 23-11 Semi-Finals: Beat Colin McNeil of Scotland 27-12 Finals: Lost to Jeremy Molitor of Canada 14-9 Samuel Odindo: Light Heavyweight Quarter-Finals: Beat Stephen Donaldson of Wales 15-9 Semi-Finals: Lost to Courtney Fry of England 17-8 George Adipo: Middleweight Round 1: Beat Sean Pepperall of Wales 17-7 Quarter-Finals: Lost to Jitender Kumar of India 29-15 Collins Akweywa: Lightweight Round 1: Lost to Giovanni Frontin of Mauritius (referee stopped the contest)

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