Kamworor wins New York Marathon: His first ever

Up to this point Geoffrey Kamwror has been known as a cross country and half marathon specialist. Indeed Kamworor is the defending champion of the world cross country championships and world half marathon championships. On Sunday in New York, he won his first major city marathon when he won the New York marathon with a time of 2:10:53

Kamworor made his move at the 23 mile mark, A this point there were seven athletes in the lead group, with . He surged through the 23rd mile in 4:44, which reduced his rivals to three: Lemi Berhanu and Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia and Wilson Kipsang of Kenya.

Then Berhanu dropped off at the 25 mile mark.  Kamwror unleased a 4:31 mile at the 25th mile mark. Neither Desisa nor Kipsang had an answer . He led Kipsang by seve seconds with a mile left. But Kipsan surged and closed the gap. But it was too late as he finished just three seconds behind Kamworor in 2:10:56.

Kamworor was elated at the win.

“What was in my mind was that I was a champion and I had to have enough belief in my sprint,” said Kamworor. “I knew I had made a decisive move but when I looked I saw Kipsang and I had to lift myself.”


1. Geoffrey Kamworor (KEN) 2:10:53
2. Wilson Kipsang (ETH) 2:10:56
3. Lelisa Desisa (ETH) 2:11:32
4. Lemi Berhanu (ETH) 2:11:52
5. Tadesse Abraham (SUI) 2:12:01

1. Shalane Flanagan (USA) 2:26:53
2. Mary Keitany (KEN) 2:27:54
3. Mamitu Daska (ETH) 2:28:08
4. Edna Kiplagat (KEN) 2:29:36
5. Allie Kieffer (USA) 2:29:39


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