Remembering Lutumba Simaro in pictures

Simaro first joined TPOK Jazz in 1964

Simaro (left) soon after rejoining TP OK Jazz in the mid 1960s


Simaro’s wedding to Nkelani. His best man was the legendary Docteur Nico Kasanda who is on the far right


Simaro briefly joined a group called Wapi Vedette in the early 1960s


Simaro (far right) with other TPOK Jazz members in the 1960s


Posing in the late 1960s
Simaro with Gege Yoka-Mangaya in 1975


Simaro came to prominence in the mid 1970s with hits like Okoregrettaire Ngai, Presence, Bodutaka and others

Sharply dressed Simaro seen here in the early 1980s


Simaro seen with Franco here on the album sleeve for “Merci Bapesaka na Mbua. Composed by Simaro, it was one of the band’s greatest hits


Starting in the Mid 1970s, Simaro was appointed by Franco as the Chef d’Orchestre and was seen as Franco’s right hand man


It was Simaro who introduced Franco to Josky in 1974 upon which the latter joined TPOK Jazz


Simaro and Franco on tour in Kenya in 1986


This TPOK Jazz album from 1988 was labeled as “Simaro et le TPOK Jazz” reflecting the fact that Simaro had already started taking the reins of TPOK Jazz


Simaro touring Paris in 1990 with TPOK Jazz. He was then the band leader


When TPOK Jazz folded, the trio of Ndombe Opetum, Simaro and Josky formed Bana OK. This was around 1998
The greatest composer in the history of African music, seen here during the Bana OK days in the late 1990s


Simaro receiving an award from the then President of DR Congo Laurent Kabila


Franco with former DR Congo president Laurent Kabila


Simaro with Faya Tess in 2016. The latter did renditions of several Simaro songs during this period.


Simaro with one of his sons


Simaro in concert with TPOK Jazz in the mid 1970s. Behind him is rhythm guitarist Gege Yoka Mangaya


In his prime, Simaro would practise on his guitar 12 hours a day

Simaro seen here with TPOK Jazz founder member Armando Brazzos (left) and guitar wizard Mose Se Fan Fan who played with TPOK Jazz in the early 1970s
Simaro with one of his granddaughters


Simaro in 2018, aged 80


Simaro ailments started around 2018


This is when Simaro was admitted to hospital in Paris. He would pass on a few days later


Simaro’s wife of over 50 years: Mama Nkelani on the right


After his passing, all of DR Congo went into mourning


Lying in state: Simaro’s funeral


His final resting place

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  1. Picture of Simaro’s wife (Nkelani) and another lady. She is actually the one on the left ( bespectacled) of the picture

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