Jeanne Mokomo Miss Zaire 1969, Mother of Tabu Ley’s children

Jeanne Mokomo was Miss Zaire 1969. She later participated in the Miss Universe contest of 1969 in Miami Florida. She along with Miss Tunisia were the only African contestants.

She had six children with Tabu Ley. This after Tabu Ley had six children with his first wife Tete. Tabu Ley and Jeanne Mokomo were never married. Tabu Ley went on to have dozens of other children with other women. In Total he is said to have had over one hundred children. These include French singer Youssoupha Mabiki


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2 thoughts on “Jeanne Mokomo Miss Zaire 1969, Mother of Tabu Ley’s children

  1. Dear all,

    I’m the daughter of Jeanne Mokomo
    I read your article and I wonder first of all where you got that picture because it’s NOT jeanne Mokomo on it picture and the information about her never married with him is complety wrong!

    I don’t know who wrote this article but he should invest more giving wrong information.
    I want this picture and article to be changed if not take it off because is false information that you give.

    I want a feeback from you.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    Flore Tabu

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