The concept of Nzonzing in Congolese Music

Introduction to the concept of Nzonzing

Verkys and Youlou pioneers of Nzonzing

Pepe Kalle and the rise of Empire Bakuba

Na Lifelo Bisengo Bizali by Simaro

The rise of Les Ya Tupas

Koffi Olomide and Ba La Joie

Nzonzing within Zaiko Langa Langa

Manuaku loses his place in Zaiko

Nyoka Longo with Le Tout Neige

Dindo Yogo: Mimi la Congolaise

Franco Tabu Ley, Michelino: Le groupe Lisanga ya ba nganga


Simaro releases Maya as Papa Noel releases Bon Samaritan

Josky, Dalienst, Serge Lemvo produce Ayes Pitie

Aime Kiwakana releases Loboko Zoba

Madilu revolts creating “Les Champions du Zaire”

The overall effect of Nzonzing

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