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Year Event
600 Arabs arrive at the Kenyan coast and begin settling and developing trade
1498 The Portuguese led by Vasco Da Gama become the 1st Europeans to reach Kenya's coast. They soon leave for India.
1505 Eager to control trade at the Coast, the Poturguese led by Dom Francisco De Almedia invade and take over control of the Kenyan coast.
1591 Fort Jesus is built in Mombasa by order of King Philip I of Portugal
1729 The Portuguese are driven off from the Kenyan Coast by the Omani Arabs after rebellions in Mombasa and Makupa.
1830s The Omani Arabs consolidate control of the Kenyan coast.
1895 The British East Africa Protectorate is created.
1895 December - Construction of the Uganda Railways starts in Mombasa, built mostly by Indian indentured servants
1901 Railway line reaches Kisumu, then known as Port Florence
1902 The Kenya-Uganda border is adjusted. What are now Western and Nyanza province become part of Kenya.
1904 Laibon Lenana signs a peace treaty with the British
1920 East African Protectorate becomes crown colony of Kenya - administered by a British governor. Edward Northey becomes the 1st governor..
1921 Harry Thuku forms the Young Kikuyu association to fight the kipande registration, land alienation and forced labour
1923 The Young Kavirondo association is formed
1944 Kenyan African Union (KAU) formed to campaign for African independence.
1947 Jomo Kenyatta becomes KAU leader
1952 Mau Mau uprising starts. A state of emergency is declated by governor Evelyn Baring
1953 Jomo Kenyatta is accused of being the leader of Mau Mau and arrested
1956 Dedan Kimathi, leader of the Mau Mau is captured by the British signalling the defeat of the Mau Mau
1957 Dedan Kimathi is executed
1959 Kenyatta is released but placed under house arrest
1960 Britain ends the state of emergency and announces plans to turn over the country to majority rule
1960 KANU is created by Tom Mboya and Oginga Odinga. KADU is also formed with Ronald Ngala as leader.