Sandoka by Franco

In this song, Franco sings about a lost love. It is said that it was a song about Franco’s first love. The girls family refused to let her date Franco perhaps because Franco was from a lower class.

In the songs chorus, Franco tells the girls family “Botika tolingana, tokosala bino soni te ” which roughly translates to “Let us fall in love, this will bring you no shame.

The song features sublime harmonious vocals from Josky Kiambukuta, Ntesa Dalienst, Wuta Mayi, Ndombe Opetum.

Josky and Ndombe can be heard singing background vocals in the verse that goes “Likambo elandaka moto eh, elandi bolingo” which roughly translates to problems always follow people and always follows love.

Franco plays Mi-solo guitar, Gerry Dialungana plays solo guitar, Gege Yoka Mangaya plays rythym guitar and Decca Mpudi plays bass. The Zimbabwean Isaac Musekiwa plays sax, Dessoin plays percussion and Ntoya on drums.

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