Nganda Tosalaka fete Lopango Batekisa (Lyrics and Translation)


This song was composed by Lutumba Simaro and was released in 1983. A harmonious choral section is augmented by a typically brilliant delivery by Josky Kiambukuta who is on lead vocals. This song features an excellent interplay between the saxophones and the trumpets.

It was part of the album labeled “Franco Presente Lutumba Simaro”. The album contained three other songs composed by Simaro including a remake of the song Mbongo-Money-L’argent” that was composed by Simaro and delivered by Djo Mpoy.


The song is about a woman who laments the loss of her husband due to rumour mongering by her enemies who have used her owns words against her. She remembers that her husband promised never to leave her and she is sickened by the loss and her sleep is chock full of so many dreams that the witchdoctors cannot explain the meaning of all of them.


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4 thoughts on “Nganda Tosalaka fete Lopango Batekisa (Lyrics and Translation)

  1. Kabongo Tisangana and his wife Tshala Ngalula ( being mentioned in this song) were a respected family in Kisangani. He may have sponsored this song.

    1. You always have good info SuleMopepe. I remember reading your contributions at Congovibes, Africa Ambiance, Africa Online and other sites

  2. If God was to awake any musician,,,just direct the angel to awake Franco,,,,, Franco sang this for I swear wot am going through now,,,,,

  3. Wow awesome composition, I miss you Simaro, the song is deeply heartfelt, thanks for the lyrics Kenyanpage, you were made for someone like me. Love you…

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