Mibali Basala Attention by Josky Kiambukuta & TPOK Jazz (Translation and Lyrics)


The song Mibali Basala Attention which translates to “Men beware”, was composed by Josky Kiambukuta around 1990. It was on Face B of the Chandra album and was one of the first albums released following the passing of Franco in October 1989.


A man who has had a bad experience with his marriage makes a public service announcement to all other men. He advises them to be wary of women who attach themselves to material advantages. The story also highlights the responsibility of the in-laws.

Song Video

Malage De Lugendo’s solo


<Madilu solo in a different language, likely a Kikongo dialect>


Josky Kiambukuta’s Vocal Solo


Franco and TPOK Jazz Website


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1 thought on “Mibali Basala Attention by Josky Kiambukuta & TPOK Jazz (Translation and Lyrics)

  1. Thats exactly what women do when they want to get out of a relationship. They blame the in-laws are ‘bad’ then the man takes all the blame. Mibali bosala na basi mosusu.

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