Eswi yo wapi by Mbilia Bel (Translated)

The phrase Eswi Yo wapi is the Lingal equivalent of “How does this concern you . In Kiswahili, the equivalent phrase is “Pili pili usiyoila yakuwashia nini” ?

This was one of the earliest songs Mbilia Bel sung. She was approximately 22 years old when she sung the song originally. This video was produced more recently. As with many Mbilia Bel songs of this period, this one was composed by Tabu Ley. The song is about a woman who tells the man she used to be involved with to leave her alone. He had a chance to take care of her and he did not.

Tika ngai na vanda na ngai Tika ngai na benda nzoto Obandi kopanza na basango bipayi biso likambo oh ngai na nani eh

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  1. For the love of Rhumba Music, these are efforts worth appreciating. (Yango mosala ya koyebisa biso maloba ya banzembo ya Rhumba, topesa bino melesi mingi.)

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