Chandra by Josky Kiambukuta

This is one of Josky’s most popular songs about Chandra Deschade Mwana Yuma. Released soon after the passing of Franco, it quickly calmed down those who feared that the band would immediately fall apart with Franco’s death.

In the chorus, the singer calls on Chandra to hold close, do as you wish with my body and and not let go.

The original song featured solo vocals by Josky, De Lugendo, Madilu System and Ntesa Dalienst.

In Josky’s vocal, he sings about how a person can loose their mind and loose weight due to the problems of love.

In Dalienst’s vocal, he asks his love interest “What else can I do to prove to you that I am the one for you ?”

In De Lugendo’s vocal he sings about how his heart is used to being near Chandra Deschade.

In Madilu’s vocal he calls upon his love interest to forgive him for all past transgressions.

In this concert version of the song, Ntesa Dalienst’s vocal is delivered by Aime Kiwakana Kiala while De Lugendo’s vocal is delivered by Josky himself.

Its worth noting that this before TPOK Jazz split and Madilu struck out on his own while Josky and Simaro formed Bana OK.

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