Kenya Boxing Team Results at the 2013 world championships

The 2013 world boxing championships were held at the Baluan Sholak Sports Palace in Almaty, Kazakhstan from October 14 to October 26. Kenya sent nine boxers who won a total of 5 bouts. None of the Kenyans reached the quarter-finals. The best Kenyan performer was Rayton Nduku Okwiri who started in round 1 and won three fights. Nick Abaka, Simon Mulinge and Benson Gicharu each won one bout.

Rayton Okwiri in action against Daniel Lewis of Australia whom Okwiri beat 3-0

Rayton Nduku Okwiri : Welterweight Round 1: Beat Daniel Lewis of Australia 3-0 Round 2: Beat Erkin Bolotbek uulu of Kirghistan 3-0 Round 3: Lost to Fred Evans of Wales 3-0  Middleweight: Nick Abaka Round 1: Beat Kaupo Arro of Estonia 3-0 Round 2: Lost to Zoltan Harcsa of Hungary 3-0  Simon Mulinge: Flyweight Round 2: Beat Charlie Edwards of England by TKO Round 3: Lost to Paddy Barnes by TKO  Benson Njagiru Gicharu: Bantamweight Round 2: Beat Jhonny Blanco of Venezuela 3-0 Round 3: Lost to Cavid Chelebiyev of Azebaijan 2-1  Elly Ajowi: Light Heavyweight Round 2: Lost to Simone Fiori of Italy 3-0  Peter Warui: Light Flyweight Round 2 : Lost to Kim In-Kyu of Korea 3-0  Daniel Shisia: Heavyweight Round 1: Lost to Jim Andreasen of Denmark 3-0  Peter Kariuki: Lightweight Round 1: Lost to Dorjnyambuu Otgondalai of Mongolia 3-0  Denis Okoth: Light Welterweight Round 1: Lost to Fatih Keles of Turkey 2-1

Hosts Kazakhstan won four gold medals to emerge overall winners, followed by Cuba and Azebaijan with two each. Algeria with one silver medal, was the top African country.

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