Kamworor rising to legendary status, wins despite falling

Geoffrey Kamworor, the reigning world cross country champion, and reigning world half marathon champion, retained the latter title in grand style.

But it took quite some effort on his part as he had to stave off a strong challenge from Briton Mo Farah and compatriot Bedan Karoki. He also had to overcome a fall early in the race: He tripped and fell and was on the ground for 7 seconds, being trampled by other runners.

It was Karoki who set a searing pace through the first half of the race, thus shedding most of the field. After 5km it was left to Kamworor and Karoki. The duo covered 10 km in an incredible time of 27:31. With 2km to go, Kamworor made his move and Karoki had no answer. He went on to create a 20 second gap.

Kenya regained their team title ahead of the Ethiopians, while defending champions Eritrea had to settle for bronze.

1 559 Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworor KEN KEN 59:10 SB
2 562 Bedan Karoki Muchiri KEN KEN 59:36 SB
3 538 Mohamed Farah GBR GBR 59:59 SB
4 528 Abayneh Ayele ETH ETH 59:59 PB
5 531 Tamirat Tola ETH ETH 1:00:06 PB
6 558 Simon Cheprot KEN KEN 1:00:12 SB
7 523 Abrar Osman ERI ERI 1:00:58 SB
8 532 Mule Wasihun ETH ETH 1:01:11 SB
9 560 Edwin Kiprop Kiptoo KEN KEN 1:01:21
10 579 Stephen Mokoka RSA RSA 1:01:27 SB


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