Missile by Josky Kiambukuta (Lyrics and Translation)

The song Missile was released in 1983. It was recorded in Paris as part of the Choc Choc Choc sessions that featured musicians from both Afrisa and TPOK Jazz. Lyrically it is a classic Josky Kiambukuta song that laments the pain of love. Josky shows his full vocal range all the way from high notes to deep bass. Mavatiku Visi aka Michelino is on lead guitar.


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16 Responses to Missile by Josky Kiambukuta (Lyrics and Translation)

  1. Vipjatt says:

    Nice lyrics keep it up

  2. martin says:

    that song was great

  3. martin says:

    i love lingala music so much,rhumba rhumba…………………………

  4. justus mokua says:

    I really love the flow of the song…thank you flow the lyrics and translations keep it up

  5. joshua wuod Oyugi says:

    one of my favourite song of TPOK

  6. Miltone says:

    This song always touch me to the deepest part of my heart and whenever I play it while relaxing with my sweetheart, we feel love is indeed in the air

  7. John Okech says:

    Great song!
    It will never go stale!

  8. Wafula says:

    It makes me sad that DRC Congo is unstable. It gave Africa the best musicians in the whole world. Thanks for translating this song to enable us understand the message as well

  9. Beryl says:

    the song that got me loving rhumba music since I was ten.
    Missile… my heartbeat

  10. Tim Tameno says:

    Music geniuses.. very organized.. ow my you could listen to this over and over and over again.

  11. Eric junior says:

    Nice lyrics

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